A dream come true

" A job at Starbucks is a normal job. It isn't very exciting. Just a normal job." That's what Julie tought till that day. She never thought that would happen, it's like a dream come true.


2. Ruined clothes

We walk to Starbucks. "Do we have off in the afternoon?" "Yeah, I think so." "Wanna go shopping?" "Hell yeah, Lisa!!!!" We arrive at Starbucks. We go to our lockers and put on our  aprons. I go to the cash register. Our manager opens the shop. There are the first clients, five boys. I take my notebook and go to their table. "Welcome to Starbucks. Are you ready to order?" "Yes four latés and one choco-laté." "Got it!" I walk back to the cash register. "Lisa, four latés and one choco-laté!" "Okay!" A couple of minutes later the latés are ready. I go to the boys, but one of the boys stands up and bumps into me. Five hot latés, all over me. I fall on the ground. "OW!" "Shit, sorry!" I look up and see two beautiful green eyes. He puts his hand out and I reach for it. He helps me up and I go to the lockers. He walks with me. "Gosh, it's good that we have washers and dryers here!" I mumbel myself. "Again I'm very sorry." "It's okay, really." "What's your name?" "Julie, yours?" "Harry" Wait, green eyes, Harry???!!! Maybe he's Harry Styles!!! I strip off and put my clothes in one of the washers. "Julie? Can I come in?" "Ermm, no. I'm in my erm underwear." The door goes a bit open he hands me his sweater. "Thanks" I put on his sweater and it's a little dress for me. I open the door and see it's really Harry Styles! " O. MY. GOD. You are Harry Styles!" "Yeah." He puts his hand in his neck. Man, if he does that it's really hot! "Oh no, my manager! You can't be here! Hide!" "Julie? What is happening here?" "Uhm, a client has bumped into me and I was soaked with coffee." "What sweater are wearing?" "It's my boyfriends" "Where did you get it from?" "It was in my bag." "Okay, are you washing your clothes now?" "Yes" "Would you go in the shop with that sweater or not," "Erm, no problem." "Okay, back to work!" "Yes." Finally, she's gone. "I know you're checking my legs out!" "No, I'm not." "Yes, you are!" "Okay!" "C'mon we have to go back, but wait the rest of One Direction is in the shop huh?" He nods. We go back to the shop. "So that's the sweater of you boyfriend, since it's my sweater, I'm your boyfriend." "Yeahhh, no." "Oh" He goes back to the table. I go to Lisa and she gives me the latés. "Oh, my god! That's Harry Styles!!!!" "Yeah, I know!" I walk to their table. "Who has the choco?" Harry lifts his hand. I give him his laté and the boys their latés. I walk away and they wolf-whistle behind me, but I have the feeling it's mostly Harry. Now I am really pretty! NOT! I wear a purple sweater with green Vans! PERFECT! I go talk to Lisa. "Is that Harry's sweater you're wearing?" "Yes!" "OH MY GOD!" "Julie?" "Oh curly cals you!" "Hey, that's my nickname for him!" "Julie?" "Coming!" I go to them."We want to order something!" "Okay!" "A donut." "Another one." "A brownie." "Brownie." "Ice cream" "Two donuts, two brownies and an ice cream." "Yes." "Lisa two donuts, two brownies and an ice cream!" "Can you help me?" "I'll make the ice cream." "Okay." I start with the ice cream. " Wiwh flavour was the ice cream?" "Choclate!" I hear Harry yell back. "Okay."



I've never been to Starbucks before. So I made things up. I hope you like it!

<3 Julie

~Be your beautiful self~

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