God Forsaken

A Thor and Loki short drabble, (it's my first fanfiction)


1. Acceptance

Thor's P.O.V -

"Thor?" A little voice escaped those soft lips of his, tears streaming down his fragile cheeks. His eyes glistened as the moon showed who he really was, blue sparkly skin, so smooth to touch. He was not one of us, an Asguardian; he was one of them, the enemy, and the monsters who should all perish in hell, if there is such a place.

"Brother," I replied, ever since that day he vanished I have longed to see him again. His face lifted at the sound of bats flying around our heads, such vague creatures. "I have come to take you home Loki." I said at once. His face twisted with hatred. "You're like the rest of them" He sneered, "I will never return to that wretched place, HERE I AM IN CONTROL!" he exploded going on and on about how he could be just as great as me.

"Brother." My voice raising, a warning of my displeasure at his rambling. "You are my Brother." I placed my hand on his shoulder and gripped passionately.

"Thor, it's not about that now. Go, before you get hurt." And with one swift movement of the wind, he was gone. He was like the leaves of autumn, fragile, dull and with just one little blow, completely flow in the wind, lost until it hits the ground.

"Loki…" A tear fell from my eyes which closed as I listened to the rustling of trees in the background. I sighed as the bifrost came to pick me up from Midguard.

Loki's P.O.V –

I can't believe what I just did, my chance to go home, back to Thor, yet I cannot bring myself to become the powerless Monster I was. Here, on Midguard, the people are scared of me, believed I was strong and powerful, that I was King. So many here have lost their way.

As I walk along the dull streets, drunkards creeping closer to me, my features contort, twisting to form a heavy frown, making a low sound of disgust. I vanish into the night, leaving them there to wonder what just happened.

Normal P.O.V –

Loki's slender fingers pulled off his leather boots, which were decorated with straps and other little garments. He sighed as he trailed over towards his work. "Soon the Tesseract will be put to its full power", But what would he do after killing off the 'Avengers', as Nick Fury calls it. All he wants is to be noticed by Thor. The thought of Thor warmed his stomach, and make him smile.

Wait, what? That wasn't something he noticed before, was this feeling right?

Thor's P.O.V –

As I strode down the hall, Frigga appeared before me, a look of compassion on her face, as if she cared about her adopted son. I was the only one to ever care for him- and I will be the only one to care for him from now on.

I smiled at her and walked on, rude, but I was in no mood for conversation, I needed to think of a way to get my Brother back. "My, brother," I frowned, it didn't seem right; 'brother' isn't the word I would use. I will never get to sleep now I have brought that on myself.

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