Consiquences Of The Hatefull

A house is haunted, a girl walks in and makes an unexpected friend that will change her life forever.


1. The Beginning Of The End

The night was dark, the wind whistled through the tiny gaps in the wood. The shouting of teens came closer to house. This house has been abandoned for many years since there was a mass suicide and the vanishing occurred. Since that day who ever entered the house vanished with in a week. Many people said that there was howling cry's of the lost souls still trapped there seeking there revenge to devour any soul that enters the house or get in there way of  their victims. 

The door creaked open a teen appeared through the door. The slammed shut. The teen was trapped. The screams became louder. The teen had pale skin covered with scars trying to find a place where she could be alone and not be judged. Then in front of her appeared a ghost her hair covered her face, one of her eyes was noticeable and her pupils were dilated and blood shot. Her skin was pale and drenched. The water slowly dripped off her boney and rigid body. Her spine was deformed and plastered in blood. She reached out her hand towards the teen.
"I can feel you'r pain and i will protect you from the people who hurt you the most, My name is Misha"Misha whispered into the teens ear.

"My name is Kira"Kira replied feeling quite happy she had somebody to talk to.

Misha grabbed Kira's hand and the feel of bondage grew stronger. There hearts became one and there friendship started. This was a start for a new begging for them both and know it was time they both got there revenge.

That day there souls became one when they walked out the building together the sun shined down on them. Only Kira could see Misha. She took Misha too her house and showed her around the night grew dark and they were telling each other about there problems.


" I was always different to the other girls and they didn't like it when i didn't talk about there latest fashion or gossip. I wanted to be me and nobody could understand me and knew what i wanted to be. But i didn't want to change so they picked on me" Kira explained, as Misha listened care fully.


"Well i lived with my brother and one day he lost his temper with me, So he went on a rampage and he broke my back with a crow bar, hitting as hard as he could so i could feel all of the pain for every moment. He left me to die and soak in my own blood and then shoved me in the bath tub and ran the taps so it looked like i committed suicide, then he killed himself  to get rid of the guilt." Misha explained, whilst Kira was listening.

After they told there story's it grew dark outside so they settled down to bed not knowing that this meeting would change both there life's forever.

This was the start of a beautiful friendship, a terrible struggle to freedom and to get there revenge on the hateful.

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