3. The Kidnapping

Niall P.O.V. : One week later, school has organized a trip to a bakery. In bus, Katy sat in front where the 'NERDS' usually sit. And I of course sat in the back where cool people sit. I was talking to my girlfriend as I noticed my friends teasing and making fun of Katy. They were messing with her hair and taking off her glasses. I saw the look in her eyes, she wanted me to help her. I was torn whether to help her or to stay and act cool. I finally went and yelled at my friends:

"what are you doing? Leave her alone!

- Chill man, we're just having fun.

- No! Just leave her alone!

- Why?

- It's none of your business.

- Oh! Is it none of my business too?" Jenny asked.

- Not now, Jenny. I said "

"No Niall it's the perfect time, what's wrong with you? You have changed a lot!

- No I haven't!

- Yes you have. Since when you do you defend 'nerds'?

- Don't call her that.

- You know what? Forget it! You can defend the 'nerd' but don't you ever think I am going to stay with you.

- Fine! We're threw!"

She walked away angrily and I stayed there with Katy. Everybody walked out of the bus, so I stayed alone with Katy. I gave her back her glasses.

" Thank you" she shyly said.  "Why did you helped me?" She asked.

" I don't know I just felt bad.

- But you just broke up with your girlfriend because of me.

- Whatever, she was a bitch anyway.

- Shall we go?

- Yeah you go I'll follow you

- Okay"

As soon as we entered the bakery, we had a little tour around the store. We entered the kitchen and we were allowed to bake whatever we wanted. The boys took advance of this opportunity and threw flour at Katy, I didn't want to get involve so I just let it go. Hours later, we had to go back to the bus since it was getting late. All the class went and took their places in the bus while I bought a pancake cause I was hungry. As I walked out of the store, two men all dressed in black approached me. I wanted to run but they quickly held me by my waist; put a blindfold to cover my eyes and shut my mouth so I couldn't scream. We walked a bit than suddenly stopped. They took the blindfold off, but my hands and feet were still tied. Before I could say anything they started to hit me in my stomach. 

"What do you want?" I asked in pain

One of them said : " Tell your dad we want the money before Monday or else this will be 1 of 2"

I heard footsteps coming towards us, the man ran quickly so I couldn't see them anymore. A familiar silhouette came close me. It took me few seconds till I realized the silhouette belong to Katy's.

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