2. Promiss me

Niall’s P.O.V:

When our eyes met, I could read in them ‘I like you’ and I think she read that in my eyes too. While introducing my new boss , I was all the time making my famous moves and she seemed liking them. These feelings felt  good because even though I’m poor and she’s rich she didn’t seem like she was  one of those jerks. Talking about jerks, I had school the next day  so  after I was greeted by my friends, the bell rang and me and my girlfriend Jenny started kissing , suddenly a girl bumped into me and for my surprise  that girl was my manager’s daughter. I tried to ignore her but I couldn’t: I treated her bad pretending that I don’t know her. The principal heard us and gave us detention because we were late for class but my girlfriend Jenny got saved because  her dad knew  the principal. After classes, in detention, I sat next to her trying to apologize:

“Hey, sorry I talked to you that way”

“It’s okay I’m getting used to it”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I always was teased or rejected by the cool kids like you but I always tried to be nice”

“You know if you promise that you’ll keep my secret I promise I’ll do whatever you ask me to do”

“See?! That’s what I’m talking about: fake friendship. The only reason I accepted those friendships is to not to be  alone and now it’s all happening again and I don’t know why. And what’s that secret you’re talking about?”

“Oh! So you didn’t find out? That’s great. Just don’t tell anyone that I am a busboy “

“Oh, now I understand, here at school you pretend to be a rich and popular when  you’re not”

“So? Do you promise that you won’t tell anyone?”

“I’ll promise but only if you promise we’ll stay friends outside school , we can always meet at Starbucks”

“Great idea especially about the ‘not at school’ part”

“So it’s a deal….”

“I guess so… I should go because we don’t want to anyone to see us together”

“Yh right... See you later and my number is 555 657597”

“Thank you. Bye”

In the same time, my girlfriend talked to the principal and convinced him to let me go and that’s what happened. So I went to Starbucks with my girlfriend because there I can have free drinks. My gf left so I phoned Katy – the girl’s name was Katy- and we met there, we chatted and laughed and we got closer and I found out that she was really nice and I didn’t know why she’s never been popular. She left before her dad arrived , doing the call me sign. I immediately realized what she meant but on our second meeting, I found her personality changed she started talking about stupid things and always about school and jerks like me I was a little shy but I got used to it. She asked me out so many times but I always refused even though she suggested to pay, but the truth was I didn’t want anyone to see me with Katy and not only because I had a girlfriend but because she was a true NERD. She had awesome hair but always ruins them, and always wearing awful glasses, for me love was build on beauty. I used to break up and make up all the time; I didn’t really care about true love. I thought that if anyone would see me with her, they will make fun of me, and that was my biggest fear. But to avoid being more embarrassed I decided to shut up and accept our friendship. The next day, was photo day so everyone dressed up and looked nice. I was really upset and hating my life. Everyone in the school felt that Katy had a crush on me but I always was denying it and telling that I only loved my girlfriend. This day, I had a little fight with my Jenny, she said I was embarrassing her for not being nice dressed but at the end of the day we made up only because she apologized to me. I didn’t want to make up with her but that was the only way I could avoid Katy’s “dates”

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