Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


11. Taers, blood and good memories.

Justin's P.OV.


OKay, so today we are going to save Savanhas dad... What? no, i'm not nervouse! I am SUPER nervous. What if didn't clear it, Savanha can't handle it. I must do my best, for Sav. I didn't sleep well that night, i could only think about the morning. We woke up at 5 a.m.  I was soooo tired when Sav come to my house, she weren't tired at all! How the... Anyways. She went to my house and knocked and then kicked in the door, what have happened to this girl? She had a black top and black pants that hung loose on her legs, her hair tied up in a tight ponytail and a black hairband on it. She looked so hot, her boobs where like perfect in that top!


''Justin, change into some good clothes!'' I looked at her, she had changed a lot! She looked so seroious, she usually looked so shy and inocent. Now... Oh god, she had changed to a girl in those movies when the girl is going to like kill someone.

''JUSTIN, NOW!!'' she screamed at me, i was stuck in my daydream about her. I woke up from my daydream and ran up from the stairs, i changed to a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. I putted on a black beanie and went down to Savanha.


''I am ready now'' I said and Sav was already on her way out. Her mom wasn't there, she was surely safe at home. We walked to a black van and hopped in. She sat in the driver seat and i in the passenger seat. She had a black bag at the passengerseat floor. I lokked at it for a while untill i asked what it was in it. ''Was is it in the bag?'' She didn't look away from the road, ''It is things we would need''. She looked so hot when she was serious. No, Justin. Concentrate!


''So where are we going?'' i asked her and looked at her and smashed my lips together so it formed a tiny line. ''Sunshine Playground, they are hiding my dad there! I know it is a wrong name for this situation but it wasn't me that named it!'' Hahah, Sunshine playground. Funny name, but not a funny situation as well.


We pulled up on a parking lot, we stepped out and Sav ran to the playground she hide under some swings and spioned on them. I didn't saw them but i ran to Savanha anyway. ''They watching us...'' she said and looked around. ''Who are watching us?'' I had no idea, i only knew Mr.X was here. ''You don't have to know right now, Justin.'' She was so hard to me, i liked it.


She ran to the tpilets that where in a little cement houses. I ran after her the best that i could. Man, she was so fast! ''Savanha, wait on me!'' i whisper-screamed so only she could hear it. ''I don't have time to wait on you!'' she snapped at me. ''I must save him, untill it's to late...'' she mumbled something about the bag and i forgot it in the car! Damn it Justin!


I ran over to the car and opened the door i catched the bag and when i should run over to her again i heard a shoot. I was on the cold ground and everything was black.


Savanha's P.OV.


I ran out of the car and hide under some swings. I missed this place, it brings back memories. Justin comed short after me. I watched everyone, they hided. I could see some familiar faces but couldn't guess the name. I saw the old toilets and ran over to the door and opened it, Justin was much slower than me, he needed to be fast. ''I must save him, untill it's to late...'' ''Justin the bag'' I mumbeled and was ready to take it, but he ran somewere. Maybe to bring the bag here.


''Savanha?'' i could hear my dad's voice. ''Dad?'' i whispered. I pecked out from the doors to find my dad on one of the toilet, He was tied in his arms and legs. ''Oh my god, dad! how are you?'' I ran over to him and took out the little pocket knife i had under my shirt, tied in a black roke so i didn't cut myself. I cut the ropes and he was free. We hugged, he hugged me so tight that i barely couldn't breath. ''Dad... can't... BREATH.'' He let go of me and tried to smile.


He had a cout above his eyebrow, his lip had a gash that streamed blood. He had also a black eye... What have they done to my father. ''Dad, are you oka-'' I heard a shoot from outside and ran to the door and pecked out to see what happened, i saw Justin lay on the ground. A puddle of blood came out of his right arm. Oh my god. That Bastards!! ''Dad, get in the car and call the police and ambulance!''  he ran to the car and locked him in. I took out the mini.gun i had in my pocket (i know well prepared ;)) I pulled the trigger and i could saw all the people suround Justins Bleeding body. I Stepped ut and pointed the gun at someonr that had the back for me.


The gun shot was like a kick throw my body, he that i shot fell to the ground and everyone else looked up at me and pointed their guns at me, they put them down when they saw that i was a girl. Oh well, no a god idea. I walked a couple steps when one of them started laughing. I remembered that laugh, taht laugh was Mr.X's!!! But it was still familiar...


''Drop your guns'' my voice was shaky. ''Oh little princess thinks she can handel a gun, how cute!'' I shot him in his arms and he fell down at the ground in pain and groaned! ''Don't call me 'princess'!'' i looked at the three of them that was left! ''Haha, is princess little angry?'' I shot him in the leg, he also falled to the ground. I smiled at myself and one of them started to run away, now it was just me and, i guess, Mr.X left.


''Hello, Mr.X'' i said to him whilest he pointed the gun at me and we started to go in a circle. ''Hello Savanha...'' That voice, it was so familiar! ''What do you want out of us? Money, i can get money''. I tried as hard as i could bet he just reponded ''I want your boyfriend to leave you so i can get you back!'' Wait, it can't be. Or maybe... Steven... ''STeven, is it you?'' i couldn't barely look at him in the eyes anymore! ''So you remember me?'' ''No, why would i? Of course i don't remember my ec boyfriend that raped me and was this close'' i did a little space of my finger whilest i held tem up to show how near it was ''to kill me!?''


''Darling,  i didn't rape you. You liked it so i didn't do anything wrong!'' Oh, he was so dead! ''LIES!'' i screamed at him. He looked a bit chocked, we have now walked in in the woods. ''PLease, give me another chance..'' he begged me to take him back... ''Sure'' he sighed in relief when i continued ''when Santa Claus appears at my house when it's summer!'' He pointed back his gun at me. ''Good be-'' i cut him of with a shoot!


His lifeless body layd at the ground. Blood pouring down his back, i smiled at myself that i had changed so much. I have just killed a man that was nearly to kill me, shoot two people and set my dad free from a sich bastart! I have changed to a women! Me and Jus- OH GOD JUSTIN!


I ran to the playground that now was empty. The wind blowed in my hear and it was like a grey autumn evening. I walked around the playground and could feel all the memories me and Sandy had here. I walked to a sacffold. It was painted in red, orange and blue. I remembered when Sandy tripped down and broke her arm. I laughed at the thought and walked around the little playground ant watched all the flashbacks from here. I came to the swings and i got the biggest flashback with all the details-




''SAVANHA COME HERE NOW!'' I heard my mom scream, it was time for lunch. ''I COMMING MOMMY!'' I responded. ''Sandy, that was you name,, right?'' she nodded her little hair with her thin blonde hair pecking out. ''We meet eachother here again when i come back, okay?'' she nodded again and i ran to mommy  and daddy, Justin and Blake were in mummys stomach and they kicked and kicked all the time. By this time i would be seven in a couple of days and Justin and Blake should be born soon. I ate my Sandwich and ran back to Sandy.


''I'm back Sandy!'' She smiled a big smile and we continued to play our game. I was the Queen and she was the princess. ''Princess Sandy, can you please play with me at my house tommorow?'' I asked in my fake -horrible- brittish accent. ''Of course my lady, i would love to!'' she had the perfect brittish accent beacuse she moved from brittian when she was 5. She giggled and istarted giggle to.


Later that day we would go home and when we were about to leave i ran to her and gave her a hug and whispered in her ear. ''We are best friends forever, right?'' I waited for a respond but she was quite. Then suddenly she spoke ''Of course, you are always my queen and i will always be your princess'' We let go and headed home again, from that day i knew i always had a best friend




Tears came streaming down my face and when i reliesed that the time was 9 a.m i decided to walk home again. I left the playground with tears and blood, and good memories.




So what do you think? will she be that harder cooler girl or just go back to usually boring and shy Savanha?


Comment what you think about the chapter :)   ~*Peace Elsa*~

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