Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


8. Storie time ~ part 1

Daisy's P.OV.


I knew that she would survive alone that night, so I went home.


When i sat in the car that smelled exactly like Savanha, the radio went on and a woman started talked.

''... Bieber have a new girlfriend? We have got some pictures of the young pop star and a girl kissing in his house! We know that she is his new neighbour... We have just got to know that the young girl is Savanha Moore. She live next intil Justin, who knows. It maybe is something between the normal city-girl and the worl famous boy. Stay update for more information!''


I stopped the car when they said Savanhas name. I listened more closer after every word they said. Girlfriend? Wait if she had a boyfriend she would tell me, right? She tell me everything.


*BACK HOME* I opened the door,stepped in and saw a big mess! What had happened? There was glass all over the floor, the sofas was overturend and the wall... Oh My Gosh, it was a big hole in one of them! Who could do this? Me and Savanha was on the hospital and... Oh look an envelope! I unfolded the thin paper sheet that was in my shaking hands. I read it over and over again.


'Hello dear Daisy. I hope Savanha clear it and come home soon. I will watch every step you take until she accept my mission that only she and her 'boyfriend' know about soon. I will tell her and her little friend when she is home and healthy. Don't be chocked what your daughter is going to do! You will always be safe, but not the others around you. Remember, if you call the police or tell anyone that i wrote you this letter. You will not see your bautiful Savanha anymore...

Love, Mr.X'


I fell to the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks.


Justin's P.OV.




I woke up and thought that today i would be with Sav. I smiled all way to my balcony and opened it. The big glass doors opened and i stepped out inthe hot air. I breathed in the fresh air and looked at my left, to Savanhas doors. What if she doesn't is awake yet. Well i can always be outside a minute or so 'til she wakes up.


I walked inside after 15 minutes of fresh air i decided to eat some breakfeast. I did eggs and bacon. When i was done with eating i decided to go to Savanha beacuse i was ready, brushed teeth, fixed hair and clothes on. I oppened the front door and walked over to the other house besides mine. I knocked at the door and some minutes later her mom ,i guess, come down with tissues in her hands.


''Who are you?'' she asked me, she looked sad. What if something happened to SAVANHA?? No, it can't be so. She is fine. She is in hers room and sleep. Yeah that is what she does, sleep.


''Hello?'' she asked, oh no. Stuck in my thoughts again,


''Oh sorry, Hey my name is Justin'' I smiled at her and she faked a little smile. I could see it was fake beacuse her eyes looked so sad... what had happened?


''Justin Bieber?'' she looked up at me, she was pretty short, or maybe i was long.


'' Yes ma'am, i wonder if Sav.. Savanha is home?'' I tried to look into the house to see her. She wasn't there. Maybe in another room.


''Please call me Daisy, Savanha isn't home she is at the hospital-''


''WHAT?'' i cut her of, what if she would say that she died or that she would come home any minute, i didn't know.


''She is okay, she is comming home today'' Oh thanks god '' But i am sad for another reason''. I looked confused at her. What could make her so sad?


''What had happened ,Daisy?'' She looked up at me and smiled and i could see that her lightened up a little.


''Will you come in and i can try to tell you?'' she asked and gestured into the house. I stepped in and saw that it was a really  mess. It was a fucking hole in the wall?!


''Wow, what happened in here?'' i looked around and tried to figured it out. She maybe had a fight with Savanha and beacuse of that she is at the hospital! What the heck was that for thought.. No mother would hurt her kid like that!


''Long story, sit down. I much show you something.'' I sat down at a black sofa and was ready for the storie to begin.

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