Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


10. phone call

Daisy's P.OV.


 The phone rang. I ran and picked it up, ''Hello..'' he or her didn't answer, i could only her him or he breath heavy breaths. i put my hip a little bit higher so i could rest my arm that i hold the phone with. I waited for an answer, i din't came. When i was near to  putting off when i heard a voice from the other end. I picked it up again and listened. ''Daisy, brig Savanha to the phone..'' I frozed a minute but hen i rushed over to Savanha and told her to go to the phone. She rushed over to the phone and i was alone with Justin.


''So you like Savanha huh?'' i elbowed him in the stomach as a joke. But he blushed and then nodded, i didn't thought that he really liked her that much! ''Do you know if, you know, like me too?'' I looked at him with wide opened eyes. He ,Justin Biber, liked my daughter!! ''I don't know for sure, but i think she likes you''. I smiled  at him. He smiled back and went over to hug me. When he hugged me, he hugged really tight so that i did small squeez noises (if you know how that sounds xD).


When we has hugged eachother couple of minutes Savanha came in with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes were puffy and red and she fell to the floor crying. ''Sweetheart, what happened?'' I asked her and she looked up at me and tried to talk but couldn't get a word out from her lips...


Savanha's P.OV.


I walked over to the phone after mom said i would do it, i hoped so much it didn't was 'Mr.X'. When i was at the phone i picked it up and aswered ''Hello?''





















jk, here comes more :P







''Hello, Savanha?'' said a husky voice through the phone. ''Yes, who is it?'' not Mr.X, not Mr.X NOT MR.X!!! ''It's dad honey...'' OH MY GOD WHAT A RELIEF! ''Dad! how are you, how is Justin and Blake?'' I had so many questions. ''Everything is fin, is just that i don't know about JUstin and Blake...'' What does he mean? Justin and Blake liv with him for god sake! ''What do you mean dad?'' He took a breath and started to tell me how he has been kidnapped and Blake and Justin had to hide to not get caught. ''What! DAD WHERE ARE YOU?'' i almost screamd at him. ''It is okay Savanha, i know where i am.'' he sounded so calm. ''Where the fuck are you then?'' why don't he just go home if he knows where he is at? ''You remember that playground you and Sandy played at as little girls?'' I said yes and he continued ''Well i am there, please come and save me. He is comming soon i must g-'' the cal disconected and i stood there like an idiot with an phone in her hand and a confused look on her face. Then all the things dad said hit me, he was kidnapped and i must save him!


I went to the living rom with tears in my eyes and when i tried say something a just fell down and cried. Mom and Justin came rushing to my side and held me. ''Sweetheart, what happened?'' mom asked and i looked up at them both and started tell them what dad told me. Justin looked very consentrated and mom looked so choked, her hands were covering her mouth and her eyes was like waterfalls. I know what we needed to do and they both were with me, time to kick some asses!




okay, the end is little.... strange. But this is going to get actioned xD! Updating tomorrow, i have so much in school right now but i am going to try! ~*Peace Elsa*~

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