Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


5. Justin

Justin's P.OV.


Yes, everything goes in the plan. Sooner or later she is going to love me. Then i remember, she is comming in 5 minutes!!! I must clean up my big house in 5 minutes! This is going to be a challenge, but everything for... for... Oh crap, i don't know her name! Oh well, she will tell me later. Back to clean up the house. I start with the living room.


*Skipping the cleaning part beacuse its BORING*


I heard a knock on the door when i just finished cleaning, i opened and there stood the beautiful girl.


''Hello'' she said, pretty quite. ''Don't be shy, come in'' I smiled at her but in my head i just killed myself for sounding like a pedophile. ''Wow it looks like me and my moms house.'' She looked around and smiled and lets just say, she was in her own little world. She poked at everything, vases, paintings, flowers, etc.


''You like it?'' i asked her when she found my guitar that was on the wall. 

''Oh Yeah, I play a little. Not much'' She checked into the guitar that hung on the black wall.


''You want to play?'' She looked at me for a moment and then nodded. I took of the guitar from the wall and gived it to her. When she started to play the familiar chord, i started smile like an idiot.


Savanha's P.OV.


I started play  A, E, F#m, D over and over again. I started singing -


Accros the ocean, accros the sea

Starting to forget the way you looked at me


Over the mountains, accros the sky 

Need to see your face and need to look in your eyes.


I stopped, and looked at a chocked Justin, his eyes was wide open, Oh gosh, i shouldn't  sing, i knew it! Oh shit i have maded a fool of myself in front of Justin Bieber.


''Wow, you are amazing!'' He breathed heavy, like he holded it in. ''I am not so good'' I looked down at my hands and sure as hell i blushed. 


''You have a voice lika an angel-'' I cut him of ''Savanha'' i now looked straight into his eyes. ''My name is Savanha Moore'' 


We looked at eachother and then he said ''Nice to meet you Savanha'' We smiled together like two idiots.




''JUSTIN!!! NOOO!!!'' Me and Justin talked and learned about ourselves, now he was tickling me like hell!! I hated to be tickled, speciel on my stomach. I had the most retarded laugh (in my opinion) ever. 


''Not until you say that i am best!'' he laughed so much that he barely couldn't breath.


''No, NEVER!!'' i couldn't breath at all! ''Over my dead body'' I rolled of the sofa and now laid on the ground.


'' Oh my gosh, Sav. How are you?'' Justins new nickname on me was 'Sav'. Cute, isn't? 

''hahahahahahahah, i'm good'' i got up from the floor and sat beside him.


''Sav, i really like you.'' he looked right in my eyes. His eyes could serious kill me, any moment. 


'' I like you too'' i sounded very quite, he then leaned in... i was so nervous, what should i do? just stand here and let it happened? or lean in to? 


I could feel his warm breath against my small lips. I decided to just sit like and statue. I could feel his lips touch mine, soft warm lips leaned against my cold hard lips that haven't been kissed in like forever! 

It became more passionated and rough, warm and wet. Sweet and amazing. This was the best kiss ever in my life! When we seperated, i had a feeling that i had to get home from this amazing moment.


''I must go home now'' He looked so sad when i said that. ''OK, see ya tomorrow?'' i smiled and nodded. I pecked him at his lips. ''Of course we do'' i winked at me when i left to go home.


When i closed the door, i sank down to the ground, smilling and blushing. I can't believe this happened. Me , a normal girl, kissed Justin Bieber, THAT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!


Wait Savanha, you don't like him, or do i?

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