Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


15. I hope she change her mind

Justin's P.OV.


I woke up and saw that Savanha played with my hair, she looked really tired. ''What are you doing Sav?'' She looked at me and kissed me. I froze a second before i kissed her back. We kissed in like three minutes, when i stopped


''This maybe sounds a little cheesy but, I know we haven't known eacother that long but i think i have really strongs feelings for you, It feels like you take up that empty place in my heart that has been empty in years! My other girlfriends have beeing nothing compares to you! You are the most amazing girls in the world. Therefore i ask you, Savanha Moore, to be my girlfriend?'' She looked chocked and i could see the tears coming up from her eyes, did i say something wrong? She looked at the floor and breathed heavy breaths.


''Justin I... I...'' Oh no, she don't like me the same way. But she had kissed me alot and... ''Yes'' I looked up from the floor to her and smiled. She smiled to and started laugh. I took my hand under her neck and started kiss her, this was the most perfect moment in my life.


I closed the door to Savanhas house after we hugged and said our goodbey's. I walked down the road as the happiest man alive! I have a girlfriend! I started spin around and i laugh and i smiled and everything was perfect! I ran to the doorknob and flung the door open! I jumped upstairs and plopped down on my bed. I took out my phone and went on twitter once again! 'Right now i am the most happiest man alive! @Savanha_Moore_ , can't believe i say this but.... i love you!'


I knew her twitter beacuse we started follow eachither that day we first met. I send the tweet and laid back in my back and fell asleep.


Savanha's P.OV.


I sat on the bathroom floor and cried when my phone shone up. A tweet from Justin. I read it and smiled but the smile disepered when i saw the stick in the corner of my eye! I started cry again and decided to call Justin. I dialed his number and he didn't answer! Fuck, well i have to wait then... But i can't i must talk to someone! I saw that i had got a text from someone but i didn't want to look! I just wanted to die right now.


When i woke up from the hard stone floor that i slept on i saw my phone was bombed with so many things. Justin, Sandy, Mom and Dad had called and texted like fivehounded time! I groaned and started read moms text.


'Hey honey, i am comming hime in a week or so. Money is in the boxes for food. Love, Mom.' she only send one text and called like five times. One thing one, now dads texts and voicemail. After i read everything and listened to what he had to say , that was very long, I went down to eat something. Dad said that he had gotten out from the hospital and is at home and my brothers are safe.


When i got home i saw that the time was 11 a.m. Wow, i had slept a while. I opened the fridge and took out the milk and then  i took some cerials and ate it out of a bowl. I looked at Sandy's texts while i ate my food. She asked me if she could live with me in one week beacuse her parents and siblings are going to their grandparents in Norway. And i now how much she hates to be in Norway. YES!!! i called her back so we could talk a minute or so.


It took two signals before she answered. ''Hello, it is Sandy.'' I guess she didn't looked at the number.


''SANDYY!!!!'' Now it was me that screamed! I was so happy that i couldn't stop smiling. 


''SAVANHA!!!! why didn't you answer yesterday?'' when she said that it came back to me... the test.


''Oh... It is something you need to know'' I was nervous and i noticed a hole in my sock... I plopped out my toe in the hole and stamped it on the floor in nervousness. ''Me and Justin had like.... THAT, adn he didn't use protection and then i thought i was pregnant. So i took a test and i got the result and thats why i didn't answer.'' It didn't took so long before she answered. 


''That was to much information to take in...'' It was and awkward pause. To make it more awkward Justin came rushing in in my house and stopped in the doorway to the kitchen were i was and stared at me. ''Sandy, you must come here soon.'' with that i hung up and ran to Justin and hugged him and let all the tears fall out.


''Hey, Sav. Calm down... It is not that bad to be pregn-'' ''It's that... It was negative.'' I started cry more . He hugged me back and rubbed my back. ''Shhh'' he whispered in my ear over and over again. I couldn't stop cry. We walked over the couch and sat down. I curled in his arms and he kissed my head. '' Sav... why are you crying, you are not pregnant. That is good, right?'' His voice was a little shaky.


I stopped crying a little bit and looked up at him. ''I am happy and sad... Ye see, i didn't want and wanted thhe baby''. He looked confused and i started explain again. ''I wanted the baby beacuse i thought it would be a sign of our love, if you understand. But i know that i didn't have the experience to take care of her or him.'' He stared empty out in the room.


''I wanted the baby...'' He whispered, I got gosebumps all over my body and kissed him on the nose. He smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek back. I heard how it started rain outside and it got heavier and heavier. Justin and me had start a movie that we barely did't look at.


I heard the thunder and jumped a little, i was very afraid of the thunder. I looked out of the window and i saw a flash. I screamed like a little girl and Justin laughed a little. I hide under the covers and he lifted it up to see me covering my face in my hands. He laughed again and took away my hands and kissed the top of them. I crawled to his arms again and hell him close to me. 


''Sav... are you afraid?'' He asked in a little baby voice like girls talkes to babys or puppys. I looked at him with the evil look. He pretended to 'cry' and i started laugh. When i laughed as most as his priceless face the light stopped working and it was black. I didn't saw anything and I felt Justin diseppear. I started to panic and i just sat still and hyperventilate. I saw a shadow that carried something that shone.


I started freak out and closed my eyes and covered myself in the cover. When the thing that carried the thing lifted the covers i saw that it was Justin that had placed out small candels all over the floor i smiled at the thought how it problaly looked when i started freaking out.  He came to me and whispered in my ear. ''I wanna try again, i wanna do this with you Savanha. No one else but you. I wanna raise our kid to a smart, beautiful and a confident girl or a boy. Will you do this with me?'' I got goosebumps the second time this day. I nodded my head and he started to kiss my neck.


He continued to kiss my lips and i kissed back. I took of my shirt and started kiss my stomach. I tilted my head back and he took of his shirt and started kissing my lips again. I took my hands in his hair and wrapped my legs around him. he started mumble in the kiss ''Body rock, girl i can feel your body rock...'' I giggled and we continued where we was. I undressed my pants and bra and he his pants.


I heard all the thunder outside but i tried to stay calm. It was pretty hard but i did it. He took off the rest of our clothes, and i think you know what happened then ;)


After we where done i laid back on the sofa and tried to catch my breath. He did the same and i couldn't stop smile at what i just had did, but then my face froze beacuse i thought i wouldn't be ready. What have i done?


Justin's P.OV.


I got closer to her after i had carried all the candle and sat them out. ''I wanna try again, i wanna do this with you Savanha. No one else but you. I wanna raise our kid to a smart, beautiful and a confident girl or a boy. Will you do this with me?'' I whispered in her ear, i felt the gosebumps form on her body and she nodded a short nodd. I started to kiss her neck and she tilted her head back and i could tell that she held back her moans. I know that i hit her sweet spot. I then kissed her lips and toook her blue shirt of. I kissed her stomach and then back to the lips.  She took her soft hand trough my hair and it was amazing!


Both me and  Savanha was shirtless and we continued to kiss eachother. She wrapped her legs around me and i started thinking of the perfect song right now, and soon i started to sing it, ''body rock, girl i can feel youur body rock...'' She giggled her cute little giggle and i took of both our pants. I unhooked her bra and took of our underwear. We was complitely naked and it was time to start!


*Skipping sex scene ~.~*


We both laid back on the sofa, oposite eachother. We breathed heavy and i smiled that i maybe is going to be a parent. I stared up at the ceiling and i could almost hear that Sav was happy but it soon changed when she froze when i looked up at her but she didn't notice. Wasn't she happy? She maybe wasn't ready to do this. I had done something right for me and something bad for her. I hope she change her mind.

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