Won't Let You Go

Savanha wouldn't call her a belieber. She don't like him so much, he sounds so selfish and mean. But when Savanhas 'perfect' family seperates and she's moving to Statford with her mom, she becames Neighbour with him! She starts to like him more and more. The first day at the house she learn to know Justin, but when she comes home her phone rings and everything change from perfect to misserble!

~Read Won't let you go' to find out how she is going to clear to both love and break hearts.~

This is my first story, hope you like it.
P.s. sorry for bad English i come from Sweden


7. hospital

Savanhas P.OV.


''SAVANHA!!!'' she screamed in my ear.


''Hey Sandy, how are you?'' i asked.


'' You don't 'How are you?' to me!!! When did you got friend with Justin fucking Bieber?!?!?!?'' She screamed again, damn can't she stop over reacting! I didn't know what to answer.. ''Wha-'' she cut me of ''I KNOW WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOUR!!!!'' Seriously stop scream! ''Okay, Sandy. For the first - STOP SCREAMING IN MY EAR. the second - We just hang out together and maybe ... kissed'' i whispered the last word 'kissed' if she would hear that she would freak out!


''What did you say at the last part?'' she sounded sort of angry-confused. ''Okay, we kissed.'' i said a little louder this time. 

''What, What, WHAT??'' she sounded suprised. ''Yes, but we are not like together or something, it was just a kiss'' it wasn't really a big deal, i mean a kiss is a kiss. 


''WHAT DO YOU TALK ABOUT 'JUST A KISS'????'' okay she is going to far soon. 


'' Yes, he doesn't like me. It was for sure one-time thing'' I wish it wasn't a one-time thing. I relly hope he likes me.


''Oh darling, this isn't 'one-time thing'. This is for real! People don't kiss like this'' she sent me picture... Wait how did she got that?


''Sandy, how did you get that photo?'' I hope so so so much it wasn't 'Mr.X' 


''Oh, its all over the internet, have you didn't seen that?'' Wait, THE INTERNET?


''Uhm, NOO?!?!? Who had taken it?'' 

The call disconected.


''Hello Savanha.'' The familiar voice appeared on my phone.


''Who are you, and what do you want from me?'' I could feel the tears welling up from my throat.


'' enjoy your tee'' he then started laugning an evil laugh.


I hung up again, man this was getting scary.



I drank my tee and walked to my mom and sat on the other sofa, she looked tired. I was a little tired from the day i spent with Justin. I could feel how sweat started to form on my forehead, and i don't have a clue why. It felt like something held my neck and squeezed it. My mom looked at me and she got panic. I didn't understand, what happened? My mom run to the kitchen and got som water, I drank it but couldn't swallow. What happened to me?? Mom ran over to the telephone, she spoke to someone and she cried a lot. I tried to breath but it didn't work. Wait  'enjoy your tee', Oh my god, had he poisoned my tee?


The ambulance mens come running and liftet me to the car where i got some breath-helping thing, so i could breath a little again.


*5 Minutes car ride*


When we got to the hospital i was escorted to a room with many people in it. They all where dressed in white and i felt that my breath escaped again. I started scream as much as i could. The people came with syringes that spurted some liquid in my vains. And the last thing i remebered that everything got black.


DAISY'S P.OV. (savanhas mom)


i just laid on the sofa when Savanha got in, she sat down at the oposite sofa and just relaxed. I smiled that i haved her by my side. Sudenly she started sweat like a pig, she tried to catch her breath, but couldn't breath. What happened? i ran as fast as i could to the kitchen, i grabbed i big glass and filled the whole with water. I ran back to her and i spilled out half of the glass, but i didn't care. I run to the telephone and dialed 911. 


''Hello, my daughter can't breath.... no i don't know what happened.... come as fast as you can!... we live on (the house besides Justin Biebers xD)... thank you...'' I started cry and hyperventilate.




They took in her in a room and did something to her. What if she doesn't clear it? I can't loose her! Come on Savanha, you are strong. you can clear it! 


I sat on the uncomfortable hospital chairs and waited on my little girl to come out. I hope she clear it.


I sat stil and cried the entire hours and waited on Savanha to come out with a smile and live like before, she and me. Together in our house, it'll be so empty, i can't loose another person i love. You heard it i still love Sam (Savanhas dad). It was just that we where always worked, it didn't work out that good then.

I sat another half hour when a doctor came up to me.


''Mrs. Moore?'' he asked


''Ms.'' i corected him. Even if it hurts.


''Okay, Ms.Moore. Savanha cleared the operation but she is going to stay the night at the hospital so that nothing else happends.'' He looked at a paper, not at me. Strange man.


''Oh my god, she cleared it'' i mumbeled. I couldn't believe that she is still alive. I don't need to live a lonely life! 


''Can i see her?'' i asked, and hoped with all of my heart that i could.


''Of course you can, she will hopefully be awake by now'' I felt like i wanted to jump on him, i was so happy that she would live with me forever. I am so happy that the world didn't lost an angel tonight.

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