Dancing with Beasts

Running is the only thing that can save Xander.
He needs to retreat - anything - to survive. But Xander is trapped. There is no escaping his fate. What will become of him? And more importantly: what is he running from?

This is part of my English GCSE descriptive writing coursework - tell me what you think :)


1. Run Boy... Run

Run boy, run.

My eyes snapped open. Where was I?

My legs were hurting as if I’d been running endlessly.

Running. I was supposed to be running from something… but what? The wind whipping around me wasn’t the only thing I could hear.

I’m coming to get you.

The wind seemed to carry the voice to me. I didn’t know what it was, but something urged me to get up and run. My legs sprang into action, pushing me forward; the voice still insisted that I move. Speeding through the forest, I tried to dodge trees yet the darkness enveloped me in a blanket of darkness making it hard to see. My feet caught under a tree root. I was going to fall onto the ground… and onto a body.

My shriek pierced the midnight air, shattering the deafening silence. Dragging myself backwards I shakily stood up on my feet. The voice was still there but I could barely take it in. All I could take in was the metallic, sickly sweet scent of blood. It took all my willpower to keep the bile rising from my throat as the putrid odour of death invaded my nose. There was a certain chill about its appearance; it looked cold. There was a sort of rigidity about it, like it was frozen in time – the biting cold had trapped it in the moment of death. There was no warmth of life surrounding the cadaver.

The corpse's rotting flesh had turned grey. Angry, blotchy red bruises covered its body. It was then that I realised that. The bruises that covered its skin were actually bite marks. Chunks of skin had been ripped off and a grey mush had been left behind.

What could’ve caused this? An animal?

I needed to see who had been so brutally snatched from life. Dull, filmy, unseeing blue eyes stared back up at me.

The life was gone.


Something was here.

Run boy, run.

I froze. A chilling feeling of being watched crept up my spine, holding me in place. That’s when I saw the first one. Its amber coloured eyes burned like a raging fire. The eyes held a burning desire to kill. Hunger seemed to ride it like a demon. Savage, wild and untamed. That intensity of heat thawed me out of my stupor. I retreated back the way I came, hoping, praying that it wouldn’t find me.

Only it did.

It came at me and pinned me to the ground, its claws digging into my chest and its mouth wide open, canines poised to kill, rancid breath on my face. The creature hissed at me, a snarling beast with claws of black steel, eyes like fire and jaws from the depths of hell. Thick, black matted fur carried the foul stench of death. Saliva dripped from its large incisors and onto my face. I squirmed and writhed beneath it but it was no use. A biting cold set over me. I wasn’t going to get out of this alive.

I want to hear you scream boy…

And I did.

I prayed that someone – anyone – could hear me. But I was alone.

Why was I alone?

I couldn’t remember. As I tried to clear the fog around my memory I quietened. The monster’s claws dug deeper into me. The sweet/sour aroma of blood filled my nose again. This time it was my own.


The whispers made it seem like the creature enjoyed the sound of my cries. As though it was feeding off my fear.

Abruptly, the beast jerked its head towards my shoulder and bit down.

Heat seared through my body. I felt like I was being burned alive. Boiling warmth coiled around my heart, constricting like a snake, tighter and tighter. My heart quickened; thud, thud, thud. It was like acid was burning me from the inside. Scorching heat exploded inside me, moving swiftly up my spine. The intensity increased. I felt faint. My heartbeat quickened beating hard and fast. Agonising pain raked through my body. Burning, burning. I begged for them to end it. But my wishes were futile.

As my screams got louder, more demon-like creatures came, surrounding me. A chorus of voices chanted like a demonic choir.

Scream boy. Let us hear you scream.

Before I was completely shrouded in darkness, I could hear their cold callous laughter echoing around me.

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