Ever Since

Coley and Nathaniel first met as new neighbors, not knowing that this was the start of their strong relationship that would last a lifetime.


1. I. Nose High-fives

I remember when we were four. Still new to the world, bright eyed, and purely stupid.

My honey, straight locks were pulled up into two small hair buns on the sides of my head and my full bangs were overgrown- my bright hazel eyes hardly visible. My older sister, Adara, did my hair that day and picked out my outfit.

It’s funny, because to this day- staring at photos, I still get a good laugh at how ridiculous I look wearing bright pink capris that cut above my knees, a turquoise and gray striped poncho and sparkly green fuzzy boots. It didn’t matter though, because since I was just a child- everything was considered cute.


That day we had new neighbors. An elder couple and five boys- all of which had white blonde hair and cold, light eyes, except one- who had dark hair and stormy, gray eyes.

Naturally, I had a grudge toward them and despised them, not bothering to give eye contact to their fresh faces. Not because I was stubborn, but because my best friend at the time used to live in that house- though her parents had work elsewhere and had to move. So really, it wasn’t all their fault.

After the “nice” introductions and light laughs, our little neighborhood parted back to their single homes and I quickly ran as fast as I could to go to the nearby park.

The park was simple, plain yet so full of memories.

Beautiful end-of-summer yellow flowers seasoned all over its  green grasses.

I hopped carefully from patch to patch of grass, trying to avoid the flowers- hoping not to step on them.

Once I reached the middle, I laid down- the soft yellow flowers tickled my neck as I had picked some up and tied the fragile stems together. Eventually I had created a yellow flower halo and crowned myself queen of the endless fields of flowers.

No one knew that I was here, thus being the final child of a household has its advantages.

As I sat up, I tucked a bunch of the small buttercups into my pockets and place them neatly around my hair.  

I started to hum a melodic tune of a sad, beautiful song I heard my sister play on her iPod- the words of the song were deep, but they just passed through my head- only the tune getting caught.

As I started to hum even louder, I stood up- spinning around and my eyes glued closed challenging the sun overhead me.

As I was caught up in my humming, I starting spinning around faster- my arms outstretched at the side, like the blades of a helicopter.

“Hey Coley!” My spinning came to a rough halt so I fell backwards and I stopped humming so quickly that my throat started to itch.

My head was in a daze, still trying to settle down from spinning around so much.

Finally after getting my mind straight, I was able to make out the figure in front of me- though my eyes were still squinting.

It was that boy about my age with raven hair and beautiful clear eyes.

Instantly I recognized him as one of the new neighbors I had a grudge toward and my brows drops, my warm hazel eyes suddenly frozen in a dead glare toward him.

“What do you want?” I murmur rudely, promptly looking away and crossing my arms.

“You picking flowers?” He replied kindly, his bright eyes glimmered as his hair got caught by a slight breeze, giving it a gentle ruffle.

Offended by how correct he was, I didn’t dare answering and quickly darted toward a tree with a tire swing, calling behind me, “Of course not, Nathaniel.” I said his name like it was a virus and let out a rude- yet adorable- giggle.

Once I reached the tree, I sat on the opposite side so I am hidden from the boy. I hear a few words from behind me, but I don’t catch the words.

I open my mouth to let out some light steam, exhaling dramatically and started to hum loudly again, my eyes closed as I start swaying side to side- as if a current got a hold of me and I was trying to resist, though in a more graceful way.

A few crunches of dry leaves ring in my ears and I snap my head to the side, my nose bumping into that boy’s.

Before my face could react, I quickly jumped and scooched backwards, quickly wiping my nose. I gave Nathaniel a rough push, making his backwards and rudely mock in disgust.

I viewed his face growing red, making his slight freckles more vivid. “That’s what couples do,” he says quietly to himself.

“They do nose- high fives.”

He said those last words so quietly, that I was left clueless, though I hardly knew anything about love and couples to begin with anyway.

As I get caught in his gaze toward me, I quickly look away. A small snicker escapes his lips and he starts to talk again, “You’re my neighbor, right?”

“No!” I burst out quickly, though that was a lie. I knew I was his neighbor and he knew I was his.

Nathaniel draws closer to me again, rubbing my nose against his. Once I realize what he is doing again, I thrust my foot out- sternly pushing him away.

“You’re gross!” I yell and start screaming and calling for help.

Another boy named Jack just happens to casually swing by as I was screaming my lungs off and quickly runs over to me, bending down to aggressively push Nathaniel, making him fall on his side against the tree.

Jack offers me a hand as I stand up onto my short legs. We both stare helplessly at Nathaniel, noticing slight whimpering fill the air- coming from his way. He holds his side, his body shivering as he curls up against the tree.

He must be crying, I note to myself and quickly look away- noticing my mouth half open.

Jack drops onto one knee, totally ignoring Nathan and pulls out a candy bracelet that was wrapped in a floral cloth from his khaki’s pocket.

He  loudly cleared his throat to grab my attention from Nathaniel.

“For you m’lady,” his voice was quite high-pitched and squeaky like any four year-old, though I was so excited by the candy bracelet he presented that I couldn’t object.

“Thank you!” I squeal and snatch the bracelet, stuffing it in my mouth and running off- not letting Jack have a chance to react.


Over the years my new neighbor and I grew to be my best friend and when middle school swang by, rumors emerged.

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