Run Away from Mary [Story Abandoned]

Nate, Lauren's wonderful, caring fiancé has been falsely accused of murder. What do they do about it? They run. They go back to their quiet little hometown in Indiana. But it's not safe to return to their homes. After drasticly changing their appearences, Nate leads Lauren to a little abandoned Quaker church. But when they arrive its not the police they should be worried about. It's Mary.


5. The shock.....

Lauren stood up, got Nate and sat him down in a chair. But as soon as her hand touched his skin, his legs buckled and he started to convulse. Lauren panicked, forgetting about what she had learned while taking an online college class to become a neurosurgeon at a hospital, just like Nate. Finally she remembered: her book! She was reading a book about Doctors Without Borders, and the author (Pamela Grim) had been treating epileptic patients for 15 years. She remembered reading a line in the book that said "When a patient is seizing, give them Valium. Their seizure will become more like little hiccups instead of a rigid body flopping around." That's when she remembered that her first-aid kit had Valium in it for times like this. Then she also remembered that she had to wait for five minutes to see if the seizure lasted. During the wait, Lauren grabbed her first-aid kit and noticed that her friend Angie was running towards the church. She had four more minutes to wait, so she opened the door for Angie. She was crying, and it scared Lauren. Angie NEVER cried, so it must be really bad news, Lauren thought. "What happened, Angie? I need to get back to Nate! He's having a seizure!" Lauren realized she was yelling, and immediately apologized for yelling. "You know that old myth about going into a dark room with a mirror and a knife and saying 'bloody Mary'? Well I did it and I told everyone and....." At that, Angie started crying again. Lauren turned away and looked in the fellowship hall. She had to go check on Nate, but she couldn't leave Angie here alone. "Okay Angie, come with me, and we can check on Nate together," Lauren coaxed. She knew that the shock had gotten to both Angie and Nate, but...... Lauren wanted to curl up into a ball in a corner and cry, but she was certain that Nate needed her to be brave. 

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