Run Away from Mary [Story Abandoned]

Nate, Lauren's wonderful, caring fiancé has been falsely accused of murder. What do they do about it? They run. They go back to their quiet little hometown in Indiana. But it's not safe to return to their homes. After drasticly changing their appearences, Nate leads Lauren to a little abandoned Quaker church. But when they arrive its not the police they should be worried about. It's Mary.


2. Opening Pandora's Box

"Time to summon Bloody Mary!" Angie giggled in the kitchen at her parent's house a day after meeting Nate at Subway, with a large butcher knife in her hand while hovering over Marry. "I bet someday you're going to get yourself in big trouble doing that crazy stuff." Marry laughed. Angie set the knife down carefully on the kitchen counter next to her wax candle and dad's lighter. "It's just a myth, Marry. Trust me."  

Marry took the candle from it's place next to the knife and lighter and raised an eyebrow at it. "If you're really going through with this crazy thing, I'm out of here."  

Angie shrugged and took the candle from Marry. "Ok bye," She mischievously smiled and flung herself on Marry for a hug. "I might not ever get to see you ever again! Bye friend, I'll miss you so much! Tonight I die by the hand of Bloody Mary!" Marry laughed and hugged Angie back. "Bye Angie, I'll see you tomorrow." And she was released from Angie's grip and left the house. Angie then gave the lighter, knife and candle a cocky grin before disappearing into the bathroom with them clutched in her hands.


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Lauren stuttered, fearfully fidgeting with her dyed blonde hair at the threshold of a small white church at the very edge of town under the bright light of the moon. Despite stories of ghosts and demons haunting the church, Nate had chosen it as their hiding place. The stories couldn't be true, could they? A chill rattled down her spine. Of course they weren't true. She was nearly an adult and shouldn't even be considering the reality of ghosts. What was she thinking? She swallowed and push all fear away. 

"This is the best option I could think of," Nate reached for Lauren's hand and gave it a gentle, reassuring squeeze." Do you think you can handle it? I'm sorry I brought you into this. You don't have to come." Lauren pulled her hand from his and gave him a stubborn look. "I told you already, I'm staying with you." She then clung herself to his arm. "We can go together." Nate solemnly smiled and fingered a curly blonde stand from her head.  "Okay, but be careful and stay close, pretty girl."  And with Lauren's hand clamped to his, Nate led the way into the church, which reeked of rotted wood. 

When Nate shut the door behind them, darkness engulfed the two of them, leaving the couple blinded and vulnerable. For a while the only sound was their feet clumsily stumbling in the darkness. Lauren, mentally scolding herself for her childishness, slipped her hand away from Nate's in effort to be brave. A sudden rustle made Lauren cry out and grasp for Nate's hand again. Nate took her hand and gave it another squeeze. "It's okay, keep moving." His gentle voice hushed her.  

"Run away... Run away.. Run away from Mary. Es-cape, es-cape, escape Bloody Mary." A child's voice sung from a distance, making Lauren's skin crawl and her heart thud. "Nate..Who's doing this? Please tell me your friends are playing a joke." Lauren whimpered. "What kind of a joke is this?!" Nate snarled and turned to Lauren. "Babe, can you find a light switch and see if this place still has electric, please" She nodded in reply and shakily left his side.  

Lauren felt the pace of her heart quicken without Nate by her side, but she pressed on as she carefully shuffled against the wall, fingers searching for a switch. She was far from Nate now, too far to feel his touch when fear engulfed her, too far to know if he was all right in this darkness. She felt too far, yet she hadn't even left the same room. 

Her fingers stuck cool plastic and she gasped. "Nate! I- I found it!" She flipped it once, but nothing happened. "Mary would be aggravated by light." The girl's voice mused and a sudden sharp gust of wind violently rushed through the room, tossing her hair around like a rag doll.  Lauren franticly toggled the switch up and down. "No, No, No, No!" She slammed her fist into the wall. "Nate, I don't think this is a prank!"






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