Run Away from Mary [Story Abandoned]

Nate, Lauren's wonderful, caring fiancé has been falsely accused of murder. What do they do about it? They run. They go back to their quiet little hometown in Indiana. But it's not safe to return to their homes. After drasticly changing their appearences, Nate leads Lauren to a little abandoned Quaker church. But when they arrive its not the police they should be worried about. It's Mary.


9. Hiya From the Co Author!

Hello everyone who is reading. This is Maddie Marie with a quick message. My good friend LMaines has made me her co author so I'm going to help her improve this story and posibly extend it, depending on what LMaines approves of me doing. I'm hoping to be able to slow down the whole story for a while and maybe add some new scarryer things! Hope you stick around for the changes!   


P.S. I'm working on a epic cover! ^_^

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