Run Away from Mary [Story Abandoned]

Nate, Lauren's wonderful, caring fiancé has been falsely accused of murder. What do they do about it? They run. They go back to their quiet little hometown in Indiana. But it's not safe to return to their homes. After drasticly changing their appearences, Nate leads Lauren to a little abandoned Quaker church. But when they arrive its not the police they should be worried about. It's Mary.


6. Brave forever.....

Lauren walked back into the fellowship hall, knowing that Nate had stopped seizing by now. Wow, Lauren thought, definitely NOT the best day. Angie was whimpering like a four year old, and Lauren knew why: shock. Shock did this to most people, and Angie's would be over soon. How bad could this get? 

Nate was now sitting up, and noticed Angie in the doorway. "How brave were you, babe?" Nate always asked Lauren jokingly, but this time he was serious. "Well, I pretty much saved yours AND Angie's lives, so I was brave." "Well I'm gonna change our vows at our wedding," Nate declared mysteriously. "We're gonna have our own place here in Greentown, out in that nice place out in the countryside." Nate knew that was Lauren's favorite spot in all of Greentown, so he knew she was ready. 


Four months later, Lauren and Nate were getting married, and Angie and Mary were bridesmaids. Nate switched up the vows, and they were very surprising, almost heartwarming. Nate gave the preacher a piece of paper that said the vows he wanted to change. The first vow was "And Lauren, do you promise to be brave forever, now, and knowingly? And do you promise to never forget what has happened and never forget the people you will protect?" Lauren replied with "I do" and they started their lives together. 

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