The girl with the voice

Hey I am Gabriela. I use to sing! But I stopped it killed my brother and dogs I was singing because it helps me to think and I feel better singing. A guy came to my hose and my brother and my dogs and I where the only ones in the house. I was singing and everything went blank. I woke up in a hospital and crying people around me. ( I hope you like my story and tell me if Its weird thx and comment thx)


1. Getting to know me!!!!!

Hey I guess you wander what I look like I have brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin. I love music, basketball, swimming, acting and I used to love singing. I am a sporty now I hate singing I have a stupid voice that nobody want to hear.! I am a nerd get As and never fit with he cool kids that is everybody but me. I have like 5 friends 2 of my friends are cool kids and the rest are nerds like me. I have 6 people in my family including me but not including my dog and cat. Bu t you don't need to worry about them my brother died so I have 5people in my family and my dogs died because of me I hate singing because of that. My friends heard me sing once and they told me that it was stupid to stop singing but  I don't care I lost my brother so I gave up I lost my dogs so I gave up I don't care anymore. That is me! :) :(

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