When Jason's sister Madeline is sucked into a book, he knows that he needs to save her but from entering the book, he realises how strange it is and how difficult it is going to be to save Madeline. While racing against time he needs to overcome the spells and secrets of the book as he travels through each chapter. But what will happen if he doesn't make it? Will Madeline and Jason get trapped? Follow Jason's journey to save the only family he has left.


2. The Next Page- Romance

 As soon as I ambled through the door, the first thing that I noticed was the Sun. The blue sheet of sky was freckled with fluffy clouds that sailed past the horizon. A gentle breeze was moving the sweet grass in a melodic formation and a variety of flowers were spread across the field which seemed to brighten up the whole scenery. This place had a certain beauty to it; it was hard to just walk away. I then saw a couple who were sitting on a slope; watching the Sun together. They both looked happy. I stood there, observing them closely but the funny thing was,was that they didn't seem to notice me at all.  Suddenly, they both jumped up and started to run hand in hand toward me. The unexpected action paralysed me to the spot where I was standing but what really surprised me was when they both ran straight through me! I felt a wave of cold as the couple dashed past me. As soon as I recovered from the odd feeling, I saw them both kissing. I then had a thought; were there other people in the book as well as my sister? I mean, it's possible but if that was the case then, why can't they see me? Also, I haven't been able to see my sister yet. Wherever she is, I need to be quick and find her.


I decided to find an exit from this peculiar setting but when I started to turn away from the two people, the scenery changed before me; the field converted to shiny corridors and the mountains that stood in the distance transformed to rows of lockers. What on Earth was going on? A bell that was hanging on a nearby wall let out a thundering cry and a huge crowd of people swarmed into the silent corridors; making it hard to move. I seem to be in school and by the sound of it, it seems to have just finished. Shouts of joy and laughter buzzed around the school so I was glad when I was able to exit the building and into fresh air. When the huge crowds of people began to disperse, I saw a girl who was around the same age as mine. She seemed to be watching me. How comes, she can see me? She then walked closer to me and said in a sweet voice:
" Hi, what's your name darling? My name is Chloe by the way."
The way she was speaking to me; it was like she was flirting with me. Something that I found slightly uncomfortable.
" Uh- my name is Jason. It's nice to meet you. I would love to stay and chat but I'm looking for my sister. She's quite small and has long brown hair. Have you seen her? I asked politely and kindly.
She stepped closer to me and put her arms around my waist. What was she doing? We've only just met!
" I'm sorry Jason, I haven't seen your sister anywhere. I know, we'll go and find her after we have a little fun." She replied.


I gulped. I'm sure that her kind of fun differs from the fun that I have.
" Look, I really need to go find her, sorry I can't-"
A quick kiss on the lips cut me off but it just got me irritated; not devoted. I pushed her off me and said:
" I already told you! I'm kind of busy at the moment and I don't have time to be kissing complete strangers okay? I can tell that you love me but I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment."
She let out a small giggle and replied:
" Oh, we can change that my dear."
Suddenly, a strange light emerged from her emerald eyes and seeped into my sapphire blue ones. A deep feeling from within arose and I felt at ease. I knew what it was. Love. Devotion. For her. Without thinking, I gently clasped my hands on her face and put my lips on hers. We both stood there, sharing our love with one another. I was in love with her. I slowly moved my hands to her waist while she put her hands over my head .  "I have to stop myself!" I thought. " I'm not in love with her; it must be the light from her eyes that has caused this feeling!" I tried to pull away but the spell stopped me from doing so. The kiss became more powerful and I was steadily falling into the spell that the women had cast on me. An idea then struck me. I'll use this love to my advantage! I thought about my love towards my sister and how I wanted to protect her. The kissing then came to a halt but we were still linked. With a huge surge of energy, I lashed out at the women and she disappeared into dust.

The spell was broken. I was left fatigued; breathing heavily. I knew then, that I needed to be more careful. I was almost lost in the power of love! This book was dangerous but I won't give up yet.  At that moment, I felt something small and cold in my hand. It was a key. A door stood in front of me which displayed a huge glittering heart. I inserted the key into the lock and heard a small click. The wooden door swiftly opened with a creak and I walked through it wondering what I will experience next in this adventure.



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