When Jason's sister Madeline is sucked into a book, he knows that he needs to save her but from entering the book, he realises how strange it is and how difficult it is going to be to save Madeline. While racing against time he needs to overcome the spells and secrets of the book as he travels through each chapter. But what will happen if he doesn't make it? Will Madeline and Jason get trapped? Follow Jason's journey to save the only family he has left.


5. Madeline and Jason

I woke up to see the face that I have been longing to see for a long time. Madeline. I ran to her with contentment and encased her in my arms. I couldn't believe that I had actually succeeded; I was able to rescue Madeline and now, we can go home. I have only just realised how lucky I have been. I have gone through much to get here and we have both survived. No words can describe the happiness that I felt. I gave her a huge smile but she gave her smile half- heartedly. Something was bothering her.

" What's wrong Madeline? " I asked; concerned.

She looked at me with her big blue eyes and murmured:

" You're to late big brother. It's already started. I'm part of the book." she cried; tears streaming down her pale cheeks.

I leaped back and noticed that her legs had turned to crayon drawings; stuck to the book like super glue. At that moment; all the strength from inside me seemed to flow out my body as my legs fell to the ground. I didn't make it? After all those genres I went through; struggling to get to the next one; it was all for nothing. Now, my sister would soon be nothing than a drawing in a white room. For all eternity; the words of the ghost girl flashed in my mind. I slowly walked over to her and held her in my arms; wanting to be with her until the bitter end. I sat there smiling at her while stroking her soft brown hair.

" Big brother? Am I going to die here.?I don't want to be alone here! I want to be with you!" My sister cried.

" Don't worry Madeline. I'll be here with you and even when things seem down don't forget to-"

" Smile." My sister beamed at me as she finished the sentenced for me.

She then winced slightly as her body began to crystallize. I gasped at her body and began to cry out tears of utter wretchedness. This book was definitely cursed. She grinned at me with a small glee in her eyes. That was when her body grew still and the crystals swallowed her and transformed into a child's drawing on the floor. However she still looked happy. I let out huge sobs which echoed through the room. She was gone. I gradually lifted my aching head and noticed words that were being written next to Madeline. They read:

Big brother, you need to escape. Even though that I am gone, you don't have to disappear as well. I want you to live on and be happy.

"Madeline" I whispered as I gently stroked her cheek. Unexpectedly, I heard a booming voice that made my head ring. I clasped my head in my hands; suffering from the low voice.

" I am the spirit of this book. I forbid you to escape this place and you will be trapped here. Your sister's fate will be your own and so will the rest of the world." The spirit whispered.

Images of people across the world skimmed through my head who could be swallowed by the evil book. I then saw the Earth; buzzing with life that couldn't be taken. I wouldn't let countless other lives have the fate that my sister unfortunately had.

"No. I will escape and the world will not be consumed." I confidently told the book.
I pictured in my head a door that would lead to the outside world and funnily enough; it appeared at the end of the room. I forced my legs into a sprint towards the door which caused the spirit of the book cry out in anger. I wouldn't let it trap me inside. I won't. I had my hand around the doorknob when I felt it. A sense of fatigue. I dropped to the floor with a thud as the feeling began to overcome me. That was when my body crystallised. I felt the cold stone pierce my entire legs; all I wanted to do was scream but I couldn't. I heard the thundering laughter of the book as I let my mind think at ease. I almost made it. I could of escaped with my sister but now that would never happen. What would become of me now- I don't know. At least I would be with my sister and protect her. I'm sure someone else's efforts will be more successful than mine and I hope they get rid of this cursed book. It would be better for everyone. I know that my attempts to live failed but I felt at peace inside. Even though I was on the brink of death I never forgot to smile.


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