When Jason's sister Madeline is sucked into a book, he knows that he needs to save her but from entering the book, he realises how strange it is and how difficult it is going to be to save Madeline. While racing against time he needs to overcome the spells and secrets of the book as he travels through each chapter. But what will happen if he doesn't make it? Will Madeline and Jason get trapped? Follow Jason's journey to save the only family he has left.


1. Contents Page- prologue

My sister is inside a book. Okay, it may seem a bit stupid  but it's true. I saw it happen myself. It's hard to explain exactly what occurred but there isn't much to say. It was all over in a second. Just thinking of Madeline all alone in that book- it must be terrible for her and it makes me feel sad to the core. However, I feel something else too. A some what drive or power that gives me strength. I then decided; there is only one solution. I'm going to save her. She needs me. And I need her too.

As I entered her room, I noticed the book opened at the centre which was where my sister left it when she dissapered inside the book. It then hit me. How was I supposed to get in the book in the first place? I stared at the book; trying to discover the answer to unlocking it. I closed my eyes and breathed in heavily as I contemplated on my thoughts. However, when I re-opened my eyes, a small pocket- knife lay across the empty, yellowed pages. On the side of the knife was a message that read:

Sacrifice your life force and let it seep onto the page; let it ink in the path to entering this book.

I read the message over again until I realised what it meant. Blood. It wants me to sacrifice my blood! I quickly stabbed the knife into the skin of my arm and soon after, the blood began to flow onto the book. I dropped the knife onto the pages and a bright light began to emerge from the centre of the book. Eventually, the light swarmed my vision; as if Madeline's room had been erased from existence. Then, my limbs grew heavy and moving them became a struggle. I blacked out.

Watching our mother like that on the bed was heart-wrenching for Madeline and I. I remember sitting on the hard, plastic chair, holding Madeline's hands tightly as my mother hanged onto life by a thread. None of us expected this to happen so quickly in just a matter of months. When Mum was diagnosed with the disease, she slowed down a little which was something that we were not used to as our Mom was always up and about. Soon enough, she became bedridden. There was nothing that the doctors to do. Now here we are; listening to our mother's final words. I felt the tight strain in my throat as the tears began to well up in my eyes.

" Please- don't cry Jason; I hate to see you so sad. I know how hard it has been for you; looking after me and Madeline but I still need you to do something for me when I'm gone. Madeline is young and will need to be guided the right way to live a happy life. I want you to take that responsibility because I'm sure it will make you happy too. I want you to keep on smiling- no matter how down you feel sometimes; always try to smile. Being happy can help you through the day. When I'm gone I want you two to be together because it makes you stronger as a whole. Even though I am dying; I'm happy and I always will be."

" Don't worry mum. I will look after my sister and I will keep on smiling!" I cried. I felt my tears roll down my face as I just couldn't contain them.

" I love you mommy but- please don't go! It makes Jason sad and it makes me sad to!" My sister wailed.

" Oh, Madeline. I love you too. Now, I want you to be good for Jason and I want you to try your best ok daring?." My mother asked.

She gave a little nod as she gripped onto my hand harder.
" I love you too very much and I hope that love will be huge in your hearts forever." My mother whispered. Then, our dear mother slowly closed her eyes and let out her final breath. Silence. I just couldn't believe that she was gone. I looked at Madeline's tear-stained face and she suddenly reached in for a hug. I felt her small body shake as she started to cry. I held onto her and I knew then that I needed to protect her. I needed to be strong for her. We kept on hugging until we finally fell asleep with our hands still linked.

I woke up to find myself in a white room. All I could hear was the sound of my breathing and a low hum that came from somewhere in the distance. I didn't bother trying to work out where it me from; I just wanted to get out of there; where ever I was. I stood up to see a simple, wooden door which seemed to be the only exit. I ambled my way over to it and found myself turning the brass door knob." Mum". I thought, " I promise you- I will find Madeline. We will be together again."


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