When Jason's sister Madeline is sucked into a book, he knows that he needs to save her but from entering the book, he realises how strange it is and how difficult it is going to be to save Madeline. While racing against time he needs to overcome the spells and secrets of the book as he travels through each chapter. But what will happen if he doesn't make it? Will Madeline and Jason get trapped? Follow Jason's journey to save the only family he has left.


4. Adventure

As soon as I entered this genre, all I saw was darkness. Everywhere. At first, I thought I was still in the horror genre and the girl had succeeded in killing me but then the blackness that left me stranded began to clear up. I found myself laying inside a cramped, wooden boat in the middle of the ocean. I sat up with a start which caused the boat to bob furiously on the surface of the water. I grabbed tightly on the edges of the boat; trying to steady the sudden movement and soon enough, the boat began to leisurely move across the water. The sky above me was painted a gentle orange with patches of pale pink which gave a calming atmosphere but I was far from calm. I only had a few hours left until my sister and I would be stuck in here.

The thing that kept lingering in my mind about this genre was that I didn't know how to get out. I could see no land for miles and I had nothing to steer the boat or even move it. I slumped back against the boat with a sigh as I watched the cloud float by. What else could I have done? I was stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do so all I did was wait. The good thing was that this was the last genre to go through so I must be close to Madeline by now. I wonder what we should do with the book after all of this trauma has ended? I think we should burn it. That way, it could never bring harm to anyone else.  I mean something like it shouldn't even exist. With the power that it has, it could probably take the whole world if we're not careful.

Suddenly, a huge group of intimidating clouds swarmed over the amber sky and the gentle ripples of the sea became vast waves of swirling water; ready to swallow life. An immense bolt of lighting brightened the darkened sky as heavy drops of rain began to fall. The waves picked up even more; making the boat rock from side to side on the tall waves of water. Great. Just what I needed. A storm. The rain poured down with might which made it hard to see and the wind blew frantically through my chestnut brown hair. As a consequence of this terrible weather, a towering wave of hard-hitting water came charging towards me and the simple wooden boat. I was going to drown. I curled myself into a small ball; getting ready for the impact but then a ray of luck shone down. A thundering shout from a nearby ship was the help that I needed. I tried to stand up and wave my arms rapidly in hope that the person shouting would notice me. I then saw the person who was shouting out to the wind; it was a pirate.

" Shiver me timbers!   Avast ye! We'll come save ya! Be a marooner(slave) on our Jolly Rodger and we'll help ya!" yelled the pirate.

" Fine. Ok I'll be your marooner. So, please- help me!" I said pleadingly.

The group of pirates let out a chuckle and started to haul me in toward their ship. I know that I told them that I would be their slave but I'll worry about that when the time comes. The captain of the ship gave out a fat, grubby hand that I grabbed tightly but then an unexpected wave hit me with great force and I found myself falling in the depths of the dark ocean. I swam desperately to the surface but the furious waves kept stopping me from moving upwards. I was running out of air. I needed to keep going. If I died here Madeline will- no! I can't think about that! I will survive this! With the last of my energy, I thrust my body towards the fresh air but then a current underwater pulled me back. Tired and feeble, I let my body sink to the sandy ground. I had failed. I was going to die and there was nothing that I could do. My sister and I would be a part of this book forever. I closed my eyes; accepting my saddening fate. The treacherous waters swarmed angrily; never stopping. I would die here in these waters and no one would never know. A small tear escaped from my eye as my life began to fade.

That was when I heard it. A voice. Madeline's voice. She was yelling out my name; over and over again. "Madeline." I thought." I'm coming!" As the adrenaline pumped through my veins, throughout my body, I reached out to the light which was where the voice was coming from. The light enclosed around me like a shell as my consciousness faded.

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