love story !D fanfic niall horan

this is a story of a girl called alexis im sorry i will be doing this every day :)


5. secret


                                                                Ellies p.o.v



                 I have a 2 MASSIVE secret that i have not told Alexis and shes my best friend my first secret is only mean and niall  know about  my 2nd you will find out  later on when i tell alexis both of them so yeah  




                                                                          Alexis P.O.V.


             Ellie has not said anything to anyone so is niall and louis (my brother) the have been acting strange so i said  "hey Harry can i talk to you and you zayn and liam  the sai in usion yeah sure so we went in the kitchen  and i said have you seen niall and louis and ellie acting weird  "yeah have you " the all said i think we should talk to them one by one 





                                                                        LOUIS TOMMOLINSONS .P.O.V. (authors note did not see that coming did ya lol)


 I cant belive she is here  omg i tell you later yay lol






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