love story !D fanfic niall horan

this is a story of a girl called alexis im sorry i will be doing this every day :)


2. Secret

OMG my mum just told me a secret shah Ellie does not know and sometimes she might ask why I have a excited face , we'll I just found out that One directions NIALL horan lives next to me ont the right . I know right so when I get in the private plane I will tell Ellie 


          , on the private plane ,




     Well ellie can I talk to you ? 


Yes! Why!


just any to tell you something do you now Niall from one direction well he lives right net to me on the right wait and on the other side the Louis Tomlinson. Lives on the left so yeah




okay carm  down they only live next to us what the matter 

  Oh I was not screaming about that I was screaming about the spider over there 

oh right I will get it and put it out the windw then 

okay then

Skip private plane Gwhen we got there I went inside and saw one direction siginh in my house I went up to my room and chooses the biggest and then we went down stairs and had something to eat and as we were Niall came down and took a pice of piza and said thanks me and Ellie just laughed it was so funny after the singing they all stayed for a party just them and my mum my brother and Ellie my now just younger sister . Then they stayed over night I was like omg one direction is atmyhouse and Niall horan is the best you know everyone has got to love him.   

A\n please can you tell me when to update hope you enjoy this book sorry for the short chapter who should ask out Niall see in next

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