love story !D fanfic niall horan

this is a story of a girl called alexis im sorry i will be doing this every day :)


7. chapter 7



                                                                    louis and nialls P.O.V.

                                                           its time to tell them 


                                                                        Nialls .P.O.V.


      Hey guys m and louis said together yeah they said  i need to tell you something me and louis said at the same time again  what is it they asked i heard louis say you go first  okay i got  to say something okay here it goes  Ellie  what about Ellie louis asked quikly wonder why  alright lou let me finish . Shes my sister they all gasped . louis didnt  say anything  okay louis now 

your turn


                                                     louis .P.O.V.

okay now its my turn okay iusedtodateellie isaid  fast what they said i said me and ellie used to date she moved when i audtioned  for the xfactor she moved to london and thats were m sisteR WAS  wait whos your sister  niall intruppted me Alexis is my sister oh ight they said  and then they met and were bestst friends  and then they moved to mullingar cause Alexis was getting bullied thats all i have to stay





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