love story !D fanfic niall horan

this is a story of a girl called alexis im sorry i will be doing this every day :)


6. chapter 6



                                                                  Ellies  .P.O.V


           I think its time to tell her okay here it goes oh here she comes and she is about to talk intill i say "Alexis can i talk to you in private "  "yeah sure I was about to say the same " she said laughing  so we went into the kithchen . "all right what do you wanna talk about" said Alexis "alright sit down you know niall right " i said  "yeah" she said confused well hes......" hes what" asked Alexis " hes my brother" i said , seriously she yelled 2yeah but theres something else what, what  is it " she yelled might have 

to move " i said    "why" she asked  because of someone  "who, who is it" she said sad  "its louis " i said sad .  


                                                                    Alexis .P.O.V.


                 What it cant be my brother so i said tell me she told me tho whole story i said i thought you still liked him i do she said its just  i dont get along with him 


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