I will never stop loving you

Juliet was just a normal american teenager. Unlike most girls at her school, she hated one direction. With a passion. Now what happens when one direction decides to go back to school and it just so happens that they are going to her school. Will there be romance? Drama? Violence? I know but if you do u just gotta read and find out


1. School? Hm More Like Hell!

Juliet's P.O.V


"UGH OK HOLD ON" I said as I got out of bed. Oh hi there. My names Juliet and I hate one direction. Now hold your horses ok, I know what your all thinking. 'omg! I cant believe she hates them. there so dreamy and hot'. Well for your information I don't see why girls go crazy over them. They are just another boyband and I don't really know who they really are. That's why I hate them.

                Now I got out of bed and went to go take a shower. The water was just right as it went down my back. After 15 min in the shower I got out. I dried my long curly brown hair and put on my black toms, blue jeans, and my black t-shirt. I didn't put on any make-up cuz im not one of those girls. After I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"hey mom, I would LOVE to have 5 pancakes and 6 pieces of bacon plz. As usual" I said       "ok Juliet i'll get it right now" my mom said. When I came to sit down at the table my two annoying brothers came running downstairs and knocked me over. "TONY! JAKE! IM GONNA KILL YOU" I said cuz they spilled juice on my t-shirt. They just ignored me as usual and ate breakfast. My mom finally finished making my food and I finished it in 5 min tops. I checked the time on my phone and it was already 8:15! im gonna be late! "BYE MOM!" I said. and with that I headed out the door to my Mercedes convertible.

            I arrived at school with 3min left and I ran to chorus. When I got there I sat with my BFF Alex. btw she is OBSSESSED with one direction. blah.

"hey Juliet" Alex said    "hey why do you look so happy?" I said to her. she had the biggest smile she had ever had. "OMG YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT! ONE DIRECTION IS GONNA BE IN OUR SCHOOL!" Alex said. OMFG! my life was just starting to get better and now they have to be in it! UGH! might aswell die now.

Juliet had a big smile and I didn't and she knew why. Right when the teacher came in she said that we were going to have 5 new students and they are coming right now. Then the door opened revealing the guys and I just couldn't help but role my eyes at them. The girls behind me and my arch nemesis (Michele Gonzales) started screaming and fixing their hair. I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous they acted.

My life is going to be a living hell with these boys around here. Or so I thought.



Hey guys! I bet no one is reading this but if anyone is plz comment and stuff. I would really appreciate it!

-mary <3 :p

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