Love Story

This is about two flatmates and best friends that finally get tickets to see One Direction and fall in love, but will their love last.....


2. The perfect outfit

Libby's POV


Oh I do love my bertie, 1D here we come. Me and Bethany raced down the road and hopped on the next available bus into Bluewater where we could then choose our brilliant outfit for a brilliant night. It was a long bus journey but we arrived just as the shops started to open. First we got a KFC so we could talk over what our ideal dress would be, we didn't have to even queue for KFC we just ordered straight away.

"I'll have a popcorn chicken snackbox please" Bethany said.

"And I'll have a variety bucket with chips" I continued.

We found a table for two by the window and discussed what kind of outfit we wanted,

"I think I'll wear something casual." I said,

"You won't get it on with any of them in something casual!" Bethany remarked.

We had no idea on what to wear but we decided that it would be a dress and that it would have to be special, so off we set dress hunting with £250 each. Me and Beth searched nearly every shop even Hollister didn't have anything that caught our eye so we tried one last shop, New Look. As we searched high and low the shop got busier and we were slowly giving up until....Me and Bethany raced over to two stunning dresses. I found a hot pink halter neck dress which flowed at the bottom, it came with a skinny tan belt and a sleeve-less light blue denim jacket and Bethany found a vivid red strapless dress which came to an inch above the knee, it was diamond encrusted around the boob area and fitted tightly around curves.


Bethany's POV


Next it was time to get some matching shoes, me and Libby knew which pair to get. I got a pair of shiny silver 6 inch heels and Libby got a pair of tanned sandale with a little wedged heel, with the shopping done we could pay and head home.

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