Upside Down (Niall fanfic)

'Oh! Excuse me' I mumble, casting my head downward. How stupid of me! Watch where your going Chrissy! I mentally scold myself.
' Its alright love' An Irish accent responds. Irish. I quickly glance upward. Piercing blue eyes, dirty blonde hair in a quiff. Oh My God. Niall Horan!


2. chapter 1

Chrissy's P.O.V I walk slowly throughthe airport, my journal in one hand, while the othet acribbles furiously on an open page, trying to davor and remember everything down to the last detail of my unexpextedishap that i didnt really mind. My hand begins to ach and i remove my pen, resting it on the open page and I strech my hand put, curling my fingers, trying to work the stiffness from them. I pick up my pen and bwgin to write again. Now bwfore you start judging me, let me explain myself. I am a sixteen year old girl named Chrissy Hemple. Now I can only imagine what your thinking. A sixteen year old keeping a diary? But think about it,any teens like myself keep diarys, some purely to wntertain themselves and other for personal reasons, or in my case, practice for what i want to be my career. Yes, I want to be a writer. Its been my dream since I was a kid. Before I continue my writimg idea, let me explain more. My name is Chrissy Anne Hemple, to be exact, my age is sixteen. My hair is a golden blomde.color with natural curls, which can be rather annoying at times when I want to straighten my hair, amd the curls dony agree with me. So yes, Iguess you could say I'm an average girl, well except for the account I just faced, that changed the way I will forever look at boys again. Yoive heard enough about me so I'llcontinue with the story I guess. My feet shuffle along the floor as I move at a turtles pace throughout the airport. My hand is still writng and Im letting my mimd wander over the memory. The sound of his voice... so heavenly...... and so much different than the way the cameras make it sound. His eyes... so bright.... a piercing blue that penetrates all the way down to your heart, leaving a hole for longimg that has yet to be filled. The husky scent of his cologne that fits him so perfectly and it fills your nostrils so that you can smeel it as you walk away... but yet its not too strong. His soft looking, deshevled... dirty blonde hair.. in a sloppy quiff... mainly because his hat had squished it down in spots. His shirt that showe off his toned body... his muscles that no one would ever notice he had... unless they had am account with him... like I did. I slowly continue my walk, my hand finally coming to a rest and I pause to reread and make sure I didnt miss anything. The title in Bold dark fancy print that I wrote out. How I met Nial Horan....
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