A Dragon's Body *Paused*

I'm rewriting some of it, and some of it went lost when my old computer broke down, but don't worry. I'm writing it right now, and I'll finish it before publishing it this time. It'll take some time, but if you add it to your faves you'll know when it's here! Think of what I have published here as a first draft that you are lucky to read. Thank you so much for baring with me! I love you guys for even looking at my stories quickly.


5. Chapter

Jaein slowly opened her eyes, the morning confusion she always had was missing. She knew from the moment she opened her eyes where she were. No need to remind herself. She smiled happily at the thought. Finally, no walls that were too high to pass were between her and the world. She felt so free. So happy. So... smelly. She needed a bath. Badly. Jaein had been with the rebels for a weeks time or so! There's limits to how long you can take not bathing. She sat up and looked around. No one but she and Daiki were in the room.

“Where's everyone?” She rubbed her left eye.

“Getting breakfast or sleeping in.” Daiki answered plainly. Not everyone actually slept in Tu Do Lá Head Quarters. Hideki lived at home. Ichi... well he probablly had a home too. Momoe had a cousin who lent her a room, but Tooru, Chandra, Daiki and Jaein all slept at Tu Do Lá Head Quarters. Gakuto had slept at his sisters house these last few days, so that there was more space for Jaein.

“Oh... do you ever take a bath?” Jaein asked nervously.

“What? Do I smell?” Daiki sniffed once.

Uhm, no... just that I might need a bath soon,” She felt a little stupid – it had really sounded better in her head.

“Well, I usually just go for a swim in the river. Gakuto and I are going there later today actually. You want to come?”

Jaein nodded eagerly, as Tooru and Chandra came back with a bag of dry bread. It didn't exactly taste delicious, but food were hard stuff to get a hold of for these people, Jaein had learnt.

Gakuto came stumbling in a little later, and started to talk quietly with Daiki. They sat in a corner of the room for hours, until Ichi came along, who joined them for another hour of secret-talk.


Chandra and Jaein had gone out to the market, they were going to see if they could start wrapping up some lunch. Out in the streets, they began with stealing a couple fruits, but Jaein didn't like the idea of stealing so they came up with something else.

Chandra put a ragged sheet out on the ground and got a homeless little beggar to play his flute, so music played along with a dancing Chandra, her dancing looked almost like a warrior's fight. A few by passers gave them a some coins, but it wasn't enough, since they had to share with the little boy.

“Let me try,” said Jaein who'd mostly just been sitting beside the boy, shying away from the patrols. There seemed to be more and more guards out on the streets these days.

“Sure Jasmine!” Said Chandra who sat down to catch her breath. Jaein stood up and started her dance. Chandra was a good dancer. But Jaein was simply amazing. She was so graceful in her moves, as she spun around on her bare feet. The boy began playing again, this time less fierce than when Chandra was dancing. It was almost like a lullaby, and Jaeins every step seemed to make a new shopper stop short in his or her tracks, to watch the graceful Princess. But of course no one knew who she was, just another street girl wanting money. But money was also exactly what she got.

When her legs grew too tired, and she had to take a break, the crowd started drifting off. Leaving behind them was a bewildered Gakuto, who almost ran over to them.

“Dragon of Beauty! You were as graceful as a traveling jellyfish from the south, Jasmine!” He smiled at her.

“What's a jellyfish?” she asked with a lifted eyebrow.

Chandra hit her shoulder mildly, “It's a being from the sea, it looks like a splendid ball gown, always drifting, and with long delicate – but deadly string falling from it's belly!”

“You make it sound so horrible, Chan!” Gakuto scolded. “It's a beautiful, graceful being!”

“But how can you never have seen one?” the little homeless boy asked. Everyone's eyes were on her, as she slowly sorted the money between the boy and her self and Chandra.

“I've never been to sea before.”

“Never?” Asked Gakuto surprised.

“No!” Her cheeks flushed red and she stood up hold her own and Chandra's money. “I don't want to talk about it.”

“We have to get the others in on this! - Then we can go to the bay tomorrow!” Gakuto said.


They walked in silence for a while, all of them deep in thought. The homeless boy still sat in the corner by the market place, playing his flute and gathering in change.

“By the Creator himself!”

“What is it Gakuto?” Asked Chandra, looking up.

“It's just... Look at this!” He pulled down a piece of paper that was tuck to the wall, it said;

Big Reward Awaits!

The Princess, Jaein the 2nd, has gone missing!

The first person to find the kidnapper and Princess, will be rewarded

10.000 GOLD coins and 20.000 SILVER coins!

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