Simon's Spy Academy (One Direction Action Story)

Do you really think Simon's record company is a record company. Well you are wrong. Its a spy academy. Where spies from everywhere in the country learn and live in the academy. Making friends and killing and arresting evil spies. Working behind the goverment. Spies are the only thing that keep the world safe today.

One Direction are spies along with a girl named Sarah. Sarah is the most advanced spy out. Harry is too. But the rest of the boys have a while to catch up. Join these six in a story of Romance, happiness, heartbreak, Death, tears and friendship.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV


Sarah was asleep on her bed. I felt so sorry for her. I was leaning on the door way. "Harry" Liam said. I turned. "Yeah"  I said. Liam stood next to me. "Who's the robot working for?" Liam asked. "No one knows. But if I see him next he will pay" I said. Liam looked at me. "Why?" Liam asked. I looked at Liam. "Look what he did. He killed my best friends parents" I said. Liam nodded. "You must really love her then" Liam said. "like a sister" I said. Liam nodded and walked off. I placed my head on Sarah's doorway and sighed. Sarah started to wake up. "Harry why are you standing there?" Sarah asked rubbing her eyes. "Wanted to wait until you woke up. You okay?" I asked. Sarah shrugged. I walked over and sat on her bed. Sarah sat up. I wiped the tears off I saw coming. 


Sarah looked at me. "We will find out who killed your father" I said. Sarah nodded. "I know we will" Sarah said. I hugged her tightly. Sarah placed her head in my chest. "Thank you" Sarah whispered. "No problem love" I said and kissed the top of her head. Simon knocked. I nodded. He walked in. "You okay Sarah?" Simon asked. Sarah nodded. Simon smiled and walked out. Zayn walked in. "So Sarah I hear your dad is dead" Zayn smirked. "Zayn cut it out now" I snapped. Zayn smiled. "Sarah should join them" Zayn said. I got mad. "You better shut your mouth Zayn. I am not in the mood for pricks like you" I yelled. Zayn laughed and left. "Don't even think about it Sarah" I said. "I'm not" Sarah said and looked at me. I smiled. I was taken by surprise when Sarah crashed her lips onto mine. I kissed back though. "I love you" Sarah said. I smiled, "Love you too." I pushed Sarah down on the bed and rolled over.


Sarah looked at me and smiled. We pulled back. "Took us about 5 years to tell each other that" I laughed. Sarah nodded. I smiled and moved the hair out of Sarah's face. "I don't want to lose you" Sarah said. I looked at Sarah. "You won't" I said. Sarah smiled and bit her lip. "What?" I asked. Sarah pecked my lips. "Nothing" Sarah said. I raised an eyebrow and rolled over. "Nothing huh. I will give you nothing" I said and tickled Sarah. Sarah laughed. I smiled. "Come on stop" Sarah laughed. I shook my head. Once I stopped people were at the door. We looked up. "What? I am trying to make her happy jesus is that a crime" I said. The people shook their heads and walked off. I smiled. 


The next day Simon called the boys, Sarah and I into the office. I didn't know why though. We got there and walked in. "Boys and Sarah" Simon said. We smiled and nodded. "Alright boys I want you guys to form a band alright. Sarah I want you to be a solo artist because I know how good your voice is" Simon said. We nodded. "So boys you need to think of a band name" Simon said. The boys and I nodded. I looked over at Sarah who was smiling. I hugged Sarah. "You okay?" I asked. Sarah nodded. We pulled away. "You too be careful because since you two are in love you will want to protect each other more" Simon said. "Will do" Sarah and I said. We left.

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