Simon's Spy Academy (One Direction Action Story)

Do you really think Simon's record company is a record company. Well you are wrong. Its a spy academy. Where spies from everywhere in the country learn and live in the academy. Making friends and killing and arresting evil spies. Working behind the goverment. Spies are the only thing that keep the world safe today.

One Direction are spies along with a girl named Sarah. Sarah is the most advanced spy out. Harry is too. But the rest of the boys have a while to catch up. Join these six in a story of Romance, happiness, heartbreak, Death, tears and friendship.


1. Chapter 1

Harry and i were in the gym practicing. We do this every morning and every night. you can only get better. Harry went to hit me. Since we were in the boxing ring. I ducked and punched Harry. He stumbled backwards. I saw a smirk on Harry's face appear. I knew what he was going to do. Harry ran towards me. I rolled my eyes and put my foot out. Harry tripped over my foot and landed on the mat outside the ring. I got out of the ring. "You never change" I said holding my hand out. Harry grabbed it. I pulled him up. Our faces were inches apart. I smiled. "I don't want to change" Harry said. We backed away and walked out different times. Awkward.


I took a massive breath as I was walking down the hall. Simon called Harry and I into his office. We walked in and saw 4 guys looking a little confused. "You wanted to see us Simon" I said. Simon nodded. "Harry and Sarah these are our new spies Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. Boys our top spies that will be teaching you, training you and taking you on missions. Sarah Winters and Harry Styles" Simon said. The boys nodded. We shook hands with all of the boys. "Sarah" Simon said. I nodded and walked over to him. "We found your dad we are bringing him back today" Simon whispered. I smiled and hugged Simon. Simon chuckled. We pulled away. My father has been missing for two years. I thought he was dead.


Once Simon told the boys the rules. We headed into the gym where we started to train. I had Niall and Zayn. Harry had Louis and Liam. We shouted commands at them. They followed everything we said. When it was 12pm we were in the cafeteria having lunch. The boys were sitting away from us. The cafeteria is devided into 3 places. The new spies. The spies that have been here for about 2-3 years. And then our spot. Where each age group has there two best spies.


Louis' POV


The boys and I were talking. "Harry's so got a crush on Sarah. At training he wouldn't stop looking at her" I said. Liam nodded. "They would make a cute couple" Liam said. All of a sudden we heard Sarah and Harry laugh. It was so cute watching them. 3 minutes later a guy walked in with people following behind him. "Daddy" Sarah said. "Sarah" The man said which was her dad. I think. Sarah ran and jumped on her dad. He caught her. Harry was smiling, he looked over at us and walked over. "That's Sarah's dad. He's been gone for 2 years and they found him today" Harry whispered. Sarah and her dad walked over.


"Nice to meet you again sir" Harry said. They shook hands. "You too Harry" Sarah's dad said. They stopped shaking hands. The boys and I introduced ourselves. "Your mum would be proud" Sarah's dad said and kissed Sarah's forehead. Sarah nodded and smiled. Zayn was so confused. "Where is your...." Harry covered Zayn's mouth before he could finish. "No" Harry said and moved his hand. "Mum" Zayn finished. I saw Sarah's dad hugging Sarah tightly. "I said no listen to me Zayn god sake" Harry snapped. Zayn looked mad. "Sarah where is your mum?" Zayn asked a little harsh. I could see Sarah's eyes fill with tears. "You want to know. She's dead okay. She died. Happy" Sarah snapped and ran off. Her dad went after Sarah. Harry looked at Zayn like he was going to punch him. "What happened Harry?" Liam asked. 


Harry shook his head. "No sorry I can't tell you. It's against the rules to tell someone" Harry whispered. Zayn was still mad at him and Sarah. "Break them and tell us" Zayn yelled. Harry got mad and punched the table. Everything went flying. "Do not yell at me. We can't tell you because you are not classified to know and you never will be by the way you are acting. I don't want to tell you. All I can say is. It was one of the most saddest days ever. Now listen to me Zayn if you ever yell at me again you will be punished even more. Tomorrow you guys do 3 laps around academy" Harry snapped and walked off. I know they are hiding something.



Sarah's POV


Dad and I were talking. "Sweetie you know I hate seeing you cry" Dad said. I looked at dad. Who wiped my tears off. "I miss her too and always will. You look like her you know. She became a spy same time you did and she trained as hard as you did and became the best like Harry and yourself. Your mum never stopped loving you. When you were born everyone was so happy. Your mum and I were excited. You can never stop impressing me. Like when I was missing you kept fighting because you knew it was the best thing you could have done" Dad said. I nodded. A knock came at the door. "Yeah" I said. "It's Harry can I come in?" Harry asked. "Yeah" I said. Harry opened the door. He walked in and closed it. "You okay?" Harry asked. I nodded.


Harry sat next to me on the bed. "You been protecting her Harry?" Dad asked. Harry chuckled. "She protects me a lot. But yes I have" Harry said. Dad smiled. "That's good. Well I better go see Simon I haven't in a while" Dad said. Once dad left. I thought for a second. "Sarah" Harry said. I looked at Harry. "Dad never knew I kept fighting. He couldn't have" I said. Harry's eyes widened. "Simon" We both said and ran out. We heard Simon scream. We got to the door but it was locked. Harry backed away, he ran up and broke the door down. Dad was a robot. He was holding Simon. "Let him go" Harry said.


The robot faced us. "I hugged a robot" I said. The robot laughed. "Did you really think your dad was alive. He's dead. Just how your mum died. Well this time not in front of you" The robot said. I got mad. I ran up and pushed the robot. He dropped Simon. Harry ran to Simon and helped him up. "You don't know anything" I said. The robot smirked. "Poor little Sarah watching her mum die in front of her. She deserved to die" The robot said. I got mad. "She did not" I said. We heard screams. All of us turned and saw the boys. "Sarah watch out" Harry said.


I turned back around and jumped, landing on the ground behind the robot. The robot turned and smiled. "You are so beautiful just like your mum" The robot said. "Shut up" I said. "You know she was pregnant when we killed her. You were going to have a brother or sister" The robot said. "I said shut up" I snapped. The robot left. I fell to the ground. Harry and Simon ran up and hugged me. I cried. "Dad's gone" I cried. "Shh..." Harry said rubbing my back.

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