The Treehouse

The childhood bonds between two boys and how they fare to stand the tests of time. (The chapters are not in order, as of yet.)


2. The Golden Days

"Yeah, I dig that... Them chicks obviously didn't realise that we were up to, else they would have been all over us for sure... Ain't nobody that could resist a coupl’a dope little gangstahs like us, yo!" The jovial, unctuous voice of Raymond Martin rang out as he followed Harvey through his front door and politely shut his behind him. His voice was as loud as the traffic outside, and his tongue struggled to decide whether to encode his message in his primary Tagalog dialect, or allow for only some mistakes to be construed with his heavily, obviously accented and adopted American accent. The boy's bashfully optimistic personality always seemed to bubble tenfold when his best friend, Harvey Watson, had anything to do about it. His quietly abrasive shell meant that, on days when he wasn't feeling so confident, he had troubles extending his wants to people he was not too familiar with. Perhaps this was why their subtle attempts had tanked so spectacularly, because as previously mentioned, it wasn't as if the duo were ugly or unintelligent. In fact, Raymond had always quietly admired Harvey's intellect and good looks, and may have been just a little bit jealous. But it was alright, he was redeemed in his mind as some of Harvey's social skills left a fair bit to be admired. It was a good thing that the pair had been friends for so long, or else Raymond thought he would have, in his school life, regarded him from afar with a mixture of trepidation, awe-stricken curiosity, and condescension. Fortunately this was not the case. Harvey, Raymond could proudly say, had been a friend who had experienced some of life's greatest uphill battles and downwind breezes loyally by his side. Even in childhood, the pair seemed to have a knack for adventuring together in a nearby forest. Raymond had swiftly learned to take the air via tree branch and vine, and had since honed his skills to give the impression that he was being carried by wings as he so gracefully pressed off the natural plant life with barely a few seconds beneath his bare, narrowed feet. Harvey, on the other hand, seemed to be the more practical of the two. Armed with little more than a burly stick and an over active imagination, Harvey had turned simple forest creatures into the deadliest of foes, which translated in their current lives to another natural athletic ability and a pre-emptive shining to combat of any kind. Their common passion for adventure and thrill is what had lead them to build a small hut in the Watson's back yard during their pre-pubescence, which had since been fashioned with comfortable furniture, electricity outlets and a pretty sweet TV as they entered adolescence to become a pretty rambunctious area for them to both relax in and share in their taste of obnoxious movies. As always, this is where he assumed that the two would be headed for a daily wind down after school to exchange complaints about homework, and to help each other in the other's weaker subjects. Presuming that nothing had changed in their habitual routine, bar the inevitably doomed choice to attempt to pick up some members of the female persuasion, wink, he gave a temerarious greeting to the rest of the Watson family, wherever they may be situated in Harvey's house, and brashly stepped into his entranceway. The fullness and sheer wealth insinuated by even the doorway never ceased to amaze young Raymond, and with every house visit he would stop in the Watsones' lounge to admire their belongings, relics of adventures passed, and scour for any new additions to their collection. Then again, with a background such as the eldest Martin's, there was a lot that was bound to enthral the young boy. After a few dawdling moments within their sitting area, he eventually caught up with his friend at the back door, leading out into the yard. He paused, with his hand tightly gripping onto the door's handle, and shot a cunningly handsome grin in the direction of his most beloved of friends. "A'ight, so you gonna be taking the ladder like a pussy, or you finally got the balls to come up like God wanted you to?”

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