Girlfriend Games

Ashley, Ella, and Izzy weren't the most popular group in school, but who cares right? I mean its just school. Well these 3 do, they would give anything to be popular, and i mean anything. Even entering the biggest competition. Relationships will be pushed, and strength will be tested.
Who will the girls be paired with? Maybe the 5 popular guys of the school? Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn?


1. Pick Up Duty


This year was going to be different, I am sick of sitting on the sidelines, and being ignored.  This is changing, and its changing today.


"Oi Kelsey, wait up!" I groan and turn around, to see Ella running down the street to my car, "Give me a ride will ya?" I just roll my eyes and start the ignition. She leaps in the car, and plants her ass down in the passenger seat, panting like she just ran a marathon.

"You know i was coming to pick you up right?" I hear her moan, and know she is mentally face palming herself. "Think of it this way, you got your daily exercise?" Ella just slaps my arm, and signals for me to start driving. 

Within like five minutes we pull up to Ashley's house and i honk my horn, out she comes in a tight, leopard print skirt, showing off her long legs. A black mid top, with a golden zip at the front showed off her beautiful curves. Her blonde hair was straightened to perfection and she wore black sandals. She always looked amazing.

"Hey Girl!" she squeals, sliding into the back seat, I see Ella roll her eyes out of the corner of my eye, she is always complaining about how Ashley dresses like a slut, personally I just think she dressed to impress.  

"You ready for another year in hell?" Ella asked, letting out a sigh, she hates school, I look back at Ashley who is making sure her makeup is okay, which it is, its perfect. "Actually I am exited to go back, i am gonna be popular this year, you wait and see, we will be popular"  I answer since Ashley is in her own little world. Once again Ella rolls her eyes. "We should enter the Girlfriend Games!!!"

Ashley looks up from her mirror, and shakes her head, her massive hoop earrings dangling looking like they were going to fly out of her ears. Ella does the same "No way!" she says, still shaking her head. "That game leads to bad news" I just sit quiet for a second. "Well I am going to enter, what if i win? I would be popular... I am entering"


***Authors Note***

Tell me if you think this is an alright story line, and tell me if you think i should keep going xx



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