the girl who....

the story is a diary entre by a girl who had a hard life and blsmes her self for her parents breaking and she trys everything to perswayed herself its not her fault


1. day 1

dear diary


                  todays just another day in this god forsaken house i would do anything to get but i would have no where to go and be on the streets so i dont know what to do i dont have much time to wright this i have a matter of 15 mins so im gonna make it quick - i atill blame myself for my dad leaving my mom and me but how could i stop blaming myself if everyday my mom says to me " its your fault no one else just you im ashamed of you " everytime she says it i just want to break down on the floor and cry my self to death then she cant say "its your fault all your fault i hate you ruby ". im gonna take you back to the night my dad left my mom !, it had been a long day dad had taken us to the fair and we went on all the rides we played hook a duck and i won cause daddy cheated but he said not to tell anyone but its okay that he cheated cause i got a massive teddy and evry night i kiss it cause its the only thing that reminds me of what a relationship me and my dad had toghther it was amazing i loved every moment we soent toghtther it was like i was the princess and he was the king and my mom was the queen , my mom used to be a very beautiful women with long blounde hair and a lovely complection but her lips stud out the most her lips were ruby red so she used to say tome " it saves me a bob or two on lippy " and da used to laugh but i was only younge and didnt know what lippy was so id prtend to laugh anyway we got back from the fair and i went to my room to play with my toys and do some coluoring you know and then i heard a thump and i got so scared that i hid under my blanket for five mins and then i heard shouting my breathing picked up i couldnt breathe problay i was panking i thought to my self whos shouting it can be mom and dad there always so happy why would they be fighting its not them so i crept out of my bed and through my door i slowy walked down stairs and looked through the banister and saw mom slap dad she stared screaming 2 i hate you why would you do this to me i hate you get out of my house know i never want to see you again"da went to walk out the door with nothing but his coat and ten mom suddenly shoted  " dont go i cant cope rember i didnt want her you sis thats why i didnt get rid of her i was scared i would lose you " "youll be fine i love you but i will never be the same again sorry " and thats all i rember of what he said before he left he didnt evan say bye to me and he was everything to me know moms got a new boyfriend she has one every week im ashamed of her  oh god ive gotta go here they come



see you later                                                                     ;<3 him , i have a crush tell you later ;)

                    tiffany !xo (i love you diary )

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