the girl who....

the story is a diary entre by a girl who had a hard life and blsmes her self for her parents breaking and she trys everything to perswayed herself its not her fault


2. ;<3 him

dear diary

                 i have some good news about the boy thing he said hi to me omg it mit seem like a petie thing but to me thats alot im not used to being noticed by people let alone boys i was so happy i smiled all day . im not living at home anymore im with my uncle he loves me and i dont have too do anythings im so happy here and know im in all the top brand clothes and im having a better education know i practice times tables every night and my spellings  my uncle things im gonna be a little brain box soon my moms doing and acholic course too stop her drinking well to try and then shes gonna do parenting course to get me back cause she says shes missing me but im scared ill go home and everything will be the same again ill be cooking her meals and my own cleaning the house while she sits there going you missed a spot and then hitting me thats the only thing i am really worried about , anyway ive gotta get ready for a date cause well i didnt tell you everything he likes me thats right grant likes me thats his name grant im so happy about it i just want to smile all the time oh yeah i do cause of him he is a big part of my life know and if my mom dosnt like him then im scrued caus then she start being horrible to him hell get put off and leave me lime my dad did too my mom great know im not smiling well ill get back to you later on the whole grant thing



see you inabit   

                        tiffany !xo

                                                                                    ;<3 grant

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