Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


21. Twenty-One

I glanced through all the dresses in the shop, waiting for all the girls to meet me. The main plan was bridesmaid dresses today, I was gonna get some ideas for my dress. But I wanted them sorted before I worried about me. I wasn’t entirely sure what dresses I wanted, but maybe seeing them try stuff on will help me make up my mind. I sorta wish Niall was here, he’d be such an amazing help he always is.

Hearing the door go, I turned and smiled seeing the four of them appear. “Heyyyy Nat!” They all said in turn, I hugged them all.

“Let’s get you girls some dresses shall we?” They were just as excited as me.

We browsed through the rails and found two or three for them to try on. I wanted all of them bar Nikky in the same dress. Maid of honour had to have a slightly different one, that was what I was always told.

I paced back and forth, nervous, wondering if I’d be able to find the perfect dresses. Nikky came out first and in her emerald a-line one strap dress, she looked absolutely amazing. She could tell from my reaction that I loved it. “I think this may be the one Nik.” I whispered.

“So do I sis! Oh I’m so excited for your wedding!” We laughed, the store clerk looking at us like we were crazy women... obviously she was stuck up! Not letting her get to us we carried on, awaiting Sof, Kasey and Lacey to appear.

“Ta-da!!!” Kasey said appearing and she, just like Nikky, looked amazing! It was darker than Nikky’s, a serious deep emerald going on. It had a sweetheart neckline and was strapless. I was loving how everything was coming together so easily. The Gods obviously wanted me and Niall to get married without a hitch (excuse the pun). I looked around for dresses exactly the same as Kasey’s for the other two, and practically squealed when I found some.

“Here you go girls! Try these.” I shouted, handing them both through the curtain. I crossed my fingers hoping they’d be okay. Kasey and Nikky had kept their dresses on, and as Sofie appeared and then Lacey, seeing them in a group made me realise the dresses they were wearing would be perfect.

“Wow girls! I think we’ve done it.” Tears filled my eyes, I couldn’t believe how easy it had been.

“Not quite Nat.” Sofie said smiling. I looked at them puzzled.

“We need to find you your dress.” Lacey added.

“Nooo we don’t!” I protested.

“Shush, now let’s browse.” Nikky said grabbing my hand. We browsed through all the rails and none really jumped out at me. I kept looking through, hoping I may have missed one.

“What about this one?!” Kasey shouted. I turned and my mouth dropped open. It was a white (obviously), strapless, full length princess style gown. It had some decor on the chest too. It looked amazing. I had to try it on.

As I stepped into it, it seemed to fit just perfectly. Again, the Gods must want me to have this dress. Pulling the curtain back, the girls all gasped. “Nat you look amazing.” Nikky said.

“Like a princess.” Sof added.

“Nat it’s perfect.” Kasey also added. I looked down at me wearing it and in the mirror and I knew the girls were right. This dress was perfect, Niall would love me in this, I could just picture his face.

“Your right! Let’s buy all these and then grab some munch!” They all nodded in agreement. I was even more excited for the wedding now. Hurry up!

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