Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


25. Twenty-Four

Arriving in my hotel room, I finally felt like I could relax. First thing I did was text Nat, telling her to be on skype in the next 20 minutes. I needed to wash away the sweat before going on webcam, I did not look too good at the moment. It was weird to finally see us all happy with someone, Harry more than anyone. He was such a player, never thought I’d see him grounded. Lacey must really have something special. Grabbing my phone to put some tunes on, my smile grew bigger seeing Nat on my background, always puts a smile on my face. I am truly lucky to have her.

Wrapping a towel round me, I grabbed my laptop and quickly logged on. Smiling when I realised Nat had got my message and was online. Clicking the call button, I made sure I was smiling as I waited for her to answer.

“Helloooo Nialler!” She said with a slight giggle.

“Heyy Nuke! You are looking gorgeous as always.” And she truly was. She was laid on our bed in nothing but her underwear, her hair was down and in its natural state.

“As are you! Good show tonight?”

“Yeah it was awesome, fans are crazy though.” I replied laughing.

“Awww you should be used to that by now.”

“I know, but they’re always surprising me, even now.”

“Awww. I have some good news...”

“Oh?” I asked, evidently intrigued.

“All of the bridesmaid dresses are sorted.”

“Really? That’s awesome! I’m gonna wait till we hit Dublin to get the suits sorted, that way the bro is near.”

“Sounds like a plan.” There was a pause. “I miss you.” She said quietly.

“I miss you too sweetie!” I blew her a kiss. “I’ll be home before you know it, and then we can get married!!”

She laughed. “I know and that I can’t wait for but still you’re away from me, and there’s still three months till you get home!”

“I know and believe me, if I could have you here with me, I would.”

“I know. I have work tomorrow though so I should really go.”

I fake pouted. “Awww okay babe. I love you.”

“I love you too Nialler. Sweet dreams.”

“You too!” We blew each other a kiss and switched the video feed off. I sighed to myself, I hated seeing her upset. But I knew sometimes we both get like that, the joys of being in love I guess. I did hate being apart from her, but it was my job after all. It wouldn’t be long till I saw her again though. I shall count those days down!

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