Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


26. Twenty-Five

Tonight was the night! It was the day of the show that Louis had given me tickets for, I’d invited the girls over for ‘movies and wine’ neither of them know the real reason. It had been so hard to keep it secret but I had managed. I’d already chosen my outft, it was nothing too fancy, I didn’t want the girls to cotton on. I’d put my hair into loose curls, it complimented my blue jeans and orange off shoulder tee perfectly.

I checked the clock and realised the girls would be here any minute now. The concert started at eight, Louis wanted us to arrive before though. I had a plan to make that happen too. I felt so sneaky; it was awesome because it was for a good cause! The door bell went and I did my best to hide my excitement...

“Heyy girls!!!” I beamed, they laughed and came in, hugging me tightly. “I have some bad news...” I began.

“Oh no what is it?” Sofie replied, concern in her voice.

“I forgot the wine, so we have to all go get some!”

Nat giggled. “You had me worried there, you driving?”

“Sure!! Let’s go!” They lead out to my car, and I smiled as I locked the door. They still had no idea!!

In the car, we put some 1D tunes on, memories of our boys flooding our minds. Each of us screaming inside slightly when our guy started to sing. We were all giggling, I kept taking various turns, neither of them really realising the huge detour we were taking. I did my best to keep them distracted so they wouldn’t figure it out.

Pulling up outside the back of the O2, I pulled up the hand break. “We’re here!!”

They looked, confusion wiped all over their faces. “This isn’t the supermarket...” Nat began.

“Nope, it isn’t.” I pulled the three remaining VIP tickets out of my bag. “Surprise!!!”

“How did you get those?” Sof asked in pure disbelief.

“Lou gave them too me! So are you ready to go see your men?” They both just got out the car, I think that answered the question. I smiled, locking the car and following the girls to the awaiting bodyguard. I was excited to see Louis!!


I sat with Liam and Niall, all three of us watching Harry and Zayn being all loved up. We were awaiting the arrival of our ladies, Kasey had text me saying they were on their way so I’m hoping that means their arrival was imminent. A knock on the door made the three of us perk up like a group of meerkats, our bodyguard Paul appeared followed by three very familiar figures. The first made me smile the most, it was my Pengy!

I jumped up and scooped her up in my arms. “God I’ve missed you!” I whispered in my ear. We pulled apart and I kissed the tears away that had rested on her cheeks. “I hope they’re happy tears.”

“They are. I’m just so happy to see you.” We hugged again, I planted a soft kiss on her lips. We grabbed a pew and she sat on my lap, I held her close to me. The whole room was pretty much silent, all of us lost in embraces with the love of our lives, imprinting each second into our minds, never wanting to forget.

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