Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


13. Thirteen

I stretched as the credits to ‘Dirty Dancing’ rolled, it was 3 in the afternoon on the day of the BRITs. I glanced over at Nat who was half asleep, bless her. “C’mon Nuke. We need to start getting ready, got a big night tonight.” She opened her eyes, nodding.  I leaned over, kissing her softly. “Shall we shower together?” I said with a wink. I laughed as she ran upstairs, that certainly woke her up. I switched the movie off and followed her eagerly. In the shower, it’s safe to say it was while before we actually washed, I blame her for being so damn hot that I can’t help myself.

“How you having your hair babe?” I asked as she sat herself on our bed, looking through her make-up.

“I’m not sure, I was thinking loose curls?” She looked at me for some sign of help.

“Sounds good.” I replied, drying myself off.

“Not using my curling iron though. I’ll use mousse instead.”

I went and sat next to her, kissing her cheek. “Mind if I help?” She shook her head. I loved playing with her hair, it was so full and thick. Whatever she did with it, it looked amazing. My favourite hairstyle though is when she plaits it. Looks awesome! As I towel dried her hair, she started to do her nails. She’d gone for gold nail varnish, so I presumed she was going for gold accessories too which would go perfect with her emerald green dress. I left her hair damp so her curls would stay in. “I’ll grab the mousse.” I said smiling, kissing her softly on the lips.

I watched her attentively as she curled small parts of her hair at a time, moussing it and then drying it. Looking at the clock, I realised it was nearing 5pm, needed to seriously get ready! We were getting picked up at 630. I pulled my tux on, looking in my wardrobe for green tie. If I take Nat to any of these award things, I always wear a tie matching the colour of her dress, think it looks good if we match.

“Niall, honey, what do you think?” I turned to see Nat and my mouth dropped open. She had a simple, straight dress on, it had a diamante clover on the left side where it gathered slightly. Her hair looked amazing curled. She’d got pale gold eye shadow on, with black eyeliner and mascara. Her foundation was barely visible. She looked just... wow!

“Nuke, you look breath taking.” I whispered, smiling. She blushed, and I went over hugging her tight. “You will be the best dressed there tonight. Shall we?” I asked, holding my hand out, knowing the car would be here very soon. She took it smiling, and we went downstairs, waiting for our ride.


In the car on the way to the red carpet, I felt really nervous. Wasn’t very often we do stuff like this so I always worry I don’t look good enough or look outta place. Niall always tells me I’m being daft but he’s used to the coverage. We’ll most likely stop for three or four interviews, which will be me standing behind him shyly whilst he answers the questions. The car came to a halt and Niall looked at me, his eyes twinkling. “Ready?” I nodded, he kissed me softly. “Babe you will be fine, I’ll be holding your hand the whole time.” That I knew, just after the ‘plain Jane’ thing, what are they gonna say this time? I took a deep breath, taking his hand and following him out of the car.

Numerous flashes greeted us and as I always did, I smiled, gripping Niall’s hand tightly as we slowly started making our way down the huge red carpet. We stood still briefly as our picture was taken, I smiled as did Niall. He pulled me close, his arm rested on my hip. With my heels on, I was only a couple of inches smaller than him, he glanced at me, leaning down planting a kiss on my lips. I laughed, knowing tomorrow that would be the pic they choose for the BRITs spread.

Niall made his way over to the first magazine reporter, leading me over there too. I stood next to him, trying to look natural, but most likely failing miserably. “So Niall, is it true you and Natalie are engaged to be married?” She asked, holding the mike to him. He glanced at me briefly, I nodded because I wanted him to be honest.

“Erm yes it is. I asked her on our two year anniversary.” I smiled, so she could see how happy I was.

“And Natalie, are you looking forward to becoming Mrs Horan?” I was taken aback, I’d never been asked questions before. I leant forward, nervous at answering.

“Er, yeah. We’re gonna start the plans after the band’s upcoming tour.”

“I’m sure it will be an amazing wedding. Niall, how are you feeling about all the bad press surrounding your fiancée?”

He gulped. “To be honest, I’m not too happy. Y’know she’s my fiancée and I love her. To see people saying bad things when they don’t know her annoys me.”

“Anything you wanna say to the bad critics?”

“Yeah, leave her alone.” I could tell he was getting wound up.

“Okay thank you Niall.” With that he smiled and walked off. I held my dress slightly, not wanting to trip as I followed him. We stopped and waved for more pictures before making our way inside. We took our seats and he still looked distracted.

“Niall you alright?” I asked, squeezing his hand.

“Yeah, just why did she have to bring that up? I don’t want you reminded of that...”

“Nini, it’s okay. I’m fine! See? No tears.” He smiled and I leaned forward kissing him passionately. “Let’s just enjoy the show yeah?” He nodded, his twinkling eyes restored.


Glancing at the clock, I thought it best to start getting myself ready. Liam was happily playing fifa, so thought he wouldn’t mind. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and got up. “Babeee where you going?” Liam wined, pausing his game and grabbing my hand.

I smiled down at him. “To start getting ready...” He pulled me down on top of him, making me laugh.

“But I don’t want you to go yet...” I smiled, kissing him passionately.

“I need to go, its half four already and I have a lot more to do than you.” I whispered, my hands on his pecs. He fake pouted, putting on his puppy dog eyes. Usually, they’d win me over, but I couldn’t let that happen today. “Liam, I’m sorry, I need to get myself looking prim and proper for tonight. You can have me all to myself later, I promise!” He looked at me, obviously thinking about it.

“Hmm okay, I’ll be up shortly.” I smiled, kissing him on the cheek, climbing off him and going up stairs.

I switched the shower on, checking myself in the mirror, making sure no spots or anything were appearing to ruin my complexion. Taking my hair out of the clip, I shook my hair side to side, trying to flatten it. Stepping under the running water, I closed my eyes, already feeling refreshed. Hadn’t really done much today so far and it don’t half make you feel drained and I needed to be alert for the night ahead.

As I came out of the bathroom, Liam appeared at the bedroom door. I smiled, sitting down and towel drying my hair. “Can’t wait to see you in that dress Sof!” He shouted from the bathroom.

“I’ll be in it shortly.” I replied back, laughing. Popping one of my towels down, I walked over to my underwear draw, pulling out some black lace shorts and a matching bra. I grabbed a pair of stockings too, didn’t want my legs to get cold. Just as I walked over to the wardrobe to grab my dress, Liam appeared from the bathroom, his jaw dropped.

“Puuuuurrr! Can I have you now?” He whispered, snaking his arms around my waist, kissing my neck softly. I slapped his arms away.

“Later! Now I need to finish getting ready. And you Mr need to start.” I replied, pointing to the clock, it was 5:15, we were getting picked up very soon and all Liam had on so far was a towel... not really BRIT approved I don’t think.

I grabbed my dress from the wardrobe. It was a deep purple, thigh length cocktail dress. It had silver embroidery on the bottom and the waist, with netting creating a strap. It was very figure hugging, which Liam loved. Slipping it on, I bent down to find the sliver heels I had, slipping them on. It was time for my hair, make-up and accessories.

Moving slightly to the left, I opened my jewellery box. Hunting out the tear drop earrings Liam brought me for Christmas, I popped them in. Followed by some silver bangles I had. I decided to pop a little mousse and hairspray in my hair, leave it ‘natural’ in the sense that it’ll be wavy. For my make-up I went for purple eye liner, silver eye shadow, black mascara and a natural lipstick and foundation. Nothing too over the top.

Walking over to the full length mirror, I stood there moving side to side, making sure I looked okay. “Babe, stop worrying! You look amazing!” I turned to face Liam, a smile on his face and mine. He looked just as handsome, in black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a pewter waistcoat. He walked over, wrapping his arms around me, kissing me softly.

“You look just as amazing!” I whispered, hearing a beep from outside. That meant our ride was here. Liam took my hand leading me downstairs. This was it.


In the car journey we didn’t really say much, I couldn’t take my eyes off of how beautiful she looked. I think she was nervous, this was the first major thing we’d been to as a couple. I don’t blame her, it’s a daunting thing. Tonnes and tonnes of cameras and reporters are there, wanting the scoop and gossip. The media knew about Sof so this wasn’t gonna be a surprise, but I never had the chance to show her off, until now. The car stopped, and I looked at Sofie smiling. “Ready?” She nodded, I kissed her cheek. “Just remember to pose and smile.” I said reassuringly, I squeezed her hand, opening the door and stepping out, helping Sof get out gracefully.

We stood hand in hand, smiling for the cameras. I pulled her in close, looking at her with a loving look. Didn’t care if it was front page news tomorrow, she’s my girlfriend and I want the world to know it. We started making our down the red carpet. I edged over to a reporter for New! Magazine. “So Liam who is this pretty lady by your side tonight?” asked the guy in front of me.

“This is Sofie, my girlfriend of six months.”

“Oh wow! You both look fabulous tonight. Are you hoping she brings you and the other 1D boys luck tonight?”

“I’d hope so, she’s my other half. Wouldn’t be who I am now without her.” I gushed, feeling my cheeks blush.

“Awww well you two enjoy your night! Good luck!” I nodded, thanking them and we moved on. We stopped every few minutes having interviews, I told everyone about Sofie, making sure she was right next to me and not hiding behind me so she could avoid the camera.

As we reached the end, we stopped for a few more photos and then entered the venue. We got told where we were sat and happy to see we weren’t the first ones here. Niall and Nat were already waiting for us. “Heyy Nialler! Heyy Nat!” I said smiling. “Looking amazing Nat.” I said, giving her a hug.

“She always does Liam!” Niall laughed. “Sofie!! Looking gorgeous, Liam is a lucky man!”

“Cheers dude.” I said sitting down and grabbing a beer. I poured Sofie a glass of white wine, kissing her lightly on the lips. She smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead, looking around the venue for the ceremony tonight. Was gonna be a good one.


Me and Louis have been in bed all day! Watching daytime TV, laughing, talking, and other things. Time was getting on now though and I had to start getting ready. My hair was so long it reached my butt and I was curling it which would take ages. It was only two in the afternoon but by the time my hair was done, it’d be getting on for five. I hugged Louis one more time before making a move. “I need to start getting sorted Loulove.” I said as I sat up.

“Awww I wish you didn’t penguin. We could snuggle loads more!” I smiled, leaning over to kiss him softly.

“I know but my hair is gonna take hours...” He rubbed his hand up and down my back.

“I know pengy, I’ll play on playstation for a bit y’know and pass the time.” I smiled, getting up and popping for a quick shower. I felt so achy because I’d been laid in bed all day and hadn’t really done much. The second the water hit me I started to loosen up, feeling refreshed. I was excited for tonight, but nervous at the same time. I’d never been to anything like this before. Nat had told me it wasn’t as scary as you first think, you just have to just smile and wave. I’d seen Nat and Niall on TV before, last year when they arrived for the BRITs. It was Nat’s first time back then and I remember her looking quite a natural. Niall had held her hand the whole time, keeping her close to him. Louis promised me he’d do the same. I think once I get there I’ll be okay. Getting ready should distract me from my thoughts, I do have loads to do after all.

I came out the shower, taking a deep breath. I didn’t want Louis to think I was panicking or anything, he’d only worry and it’d be unnecessary. I kissed him lovingly, before towel drying my hair, wanting it damp so I could curl it. This was a mammoth job. I smiled at Louis who was busy playing Fifa, taking another deep breath as I started to section off my hair, curling it. One bit done... just another load to go.

About three hours later, I’d finished. Louis was in the shower, singing away. I smiled to myself, walking over to the wardrobe to get my dress. It was deep red in colour, long and straight with a sweetheart neckline. Simple yet elegant.  Taking off Louis’ shirt and slipping into some sexy underwear, a surprise for Louis later on when we get back. I stepped into my dress, managing to pull it up before Louis came out the bathroom. Just my make-up and accessories to sort now. I turned and Louis was just stood looking at me. “What?” I asked, laughing.

“You look perfect.” I felt myself blush.

“Not fully ready yet.” I said smiling. “You can call me perfect when I’m finished.” He smiled, starting to get himself dressed. I went for natural make-up and black accessories/shoes. Didn’t wanna go over the top with too much red. I turned to tell Louis I was finished and my mouth dropped open when I saw what he was wearing. He’d gone for black trousers, a white shirt and a red tie and braces. He knew I had a weakness for braces, probably why he wore them. “Now who looks perfect Loulove?”

He smiled. “We both do.” He came over kissing me passionately. “Let’s go, the car will be here very soon.” I smiled nodding. Now I was excited, not scared.


In the short journey to the venue, Kasey surprisingly looked relatively calm. I thought she would be majorly nervous, it being her first big awards thing and all, but she was really collected. It’s one of the many things I admired about her, she was so brave, she wasn’t scared to face anything. She stood up for what was right, no matter what. The car came to a halt, and I glanced towards Kasey. She looked amazing in every single way. I leaned over, kissing her tenderly. “You ready Pengy?” She nodded, laughing. She loved when I called her that. I took her hand and opened the door to the limo, helping her out safely.

We walked over to the spot where we have to stand for pictures, and Kasey was a complete natural. Smiling happily, even waving. Nat had probably given her some tips. Niall, like me was worried when he first took Nat but she’d taken it all in her stride and I was happy to see Kasey being similar to that. I tugged her hand slightly to get us moving. She happily obliged, staying close to me as we walked. I looked at her smiling, giving her a quick peck. My smile didn’t disappear as we made our way over for an interview.

“Hello Louis how are you feeling about the BRITs tonight?”

“Erm, pretty good. I’m happy to be here, it’ll be a bonus if we walk away with an award.”

“And who might this lady be?”

“This is my girlfriend of a year, Kasey.”

“She looks beautiful, are all of you bringing dates tonight?”

“Erm I know me, Liam and Niall are. Not sure about Zayn and Harry.”

“Ah okays well I’ll let you go. Bye.”

“Bye!” I smiled and carried on walking. I could see Kasey was cold so I wanted to get inside as soon as. Liam had text me saying he was here with Sof and that Nat and Niall were too. No idea about the other two if they were bring dates, they’d been secretive about it.

“Heyy peeps!” I said smiling as we reached the table. The girls got up, kissing me on the cheek. “You look lovely ladies. Not as lovely as my penguin though.” I said, standing aside to reveal Kasey.

“Wow Kasey you look amazing!” Nat gushed, as they hugged her. I took my seat pouring her a glass of wine. Kissing her lovingly as she sat down. The boys had said she looked great. We all look great and tonight was going to be great!

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