Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


16. Sixteen

I laughed as I browsed the entertainment news, all of them wondering who the girls were, well all of them apart from the lucky ones who got the interview and knew Kasey was my girlfriend. Nothing bad said either which was good, although most of it was about Niall’s proposal to Nat. None of us knew about it and fair play to him. I don’t think I could take the press doing that to Kasey. Unlike Niall, I can’t put a lid on my temper so I would totally boil over and probably say something to them like... fuck off! Hopefully though that will never happen!

Kasey was at work today so I wasn’t going to be seeing her till later, I had no plans at all today other than relaxing! I felt for my girl at work, she must be soooo knackered, we didn’t get in till three and she had to be up at seven. I’ll make sure she has an early night tonight, help her catch up on sleep. That’s one thing about Pengy you have to remember... she neeeeeeeeds her sleep and plenty of it. Tired Kasey isn’t good at all.

I wondered what the boys were up to? Hmmm maybe I should ring Harry? Nahh, I’ll just play some fifa, it’s only a few hours before Kasey’s home. I can kick some ass online since I 100% rule at this game! Football is one of my passions, always has been. It’s one of the many things I have in common with Niall. All the guys like footy but nowhere near as much as me and Niall. It’s our game! Just a shame he can’t play it for real anymore.

This guy is a machine! He’s beat me every time! Getting frustrated with him and the game now! I just wanted my Pengy home. Looking at the clock I still had a hour, man this sucks! Time is seriously being a douche bag, needs to speed up! Since I hadn’t done anything all day, I absolutely stunk! Need a shower so I can freshen up, I doubt Kasey will come near me if I smelt like this when she arrived home.

Stepping out the shower, I wondered what I could do. I wanted to surprise her with something, she does it to me all the time. What could I possibly do though?! Standing in the bathroom, I realised how stupid I was being. She’s gonna be knackered, why not run her a nice relaxing bubble bath? And whilst she’s in that, I’ll attempt to rustle up some food.


Stepping into the place I shared with Louis, I was so so glad to be home! I was absolutely beat, remind me next time to get the day after The BRITs off, just so I don’t have to deal with the torture of work with a stinking hangover and minimal sleep. “Loulove!” I shouted.

“Up here!” He replied, I had this horrible feeling he’d been in bed all day, sleeping off the hangover. I was presently surprised though when I got to where he was. “Heyy Pengy! I’ve missed you so much!!” I smiled, hugging him, kissing him lovingly on the lips. “I’ve run you a bubble bath and I want you to relax.”

“Awww Lou you shouldn’t have!” I said smiling, shocked almost as this was something he never did.

“I wanted to, it’s only what you deserve!” I kissed him softly. “I’m gonna go fix us something to eat, take as long as you want okay?” I nodded and off he went.

I stepped into the bath and it was heaven, perfect temperature, loads of bubbles and totally relaxing. I laid back, closing my eyes, relishing in the fact I have an amazing boyfriend. I was a little worried about what he was rustling up in the kitchen though, he wasn’t the greatest cook so it could be anything. The thought was what counted though and I’m not gonna be ungrateful.

I entered the bedroom and realised I’d been in the bath for over an hour, felt so much better for it though.  I could hear Louis in the kitchen, I wondered what he’d decided to cook. I was pretty starving to be fair, so I am ready to eat. He was just dishing up when I appeared in the kitchen. “Mmm something smells good!” I said with a smile.

Louis looked up and smiled. “Well I hope it tastes as good as it smells.” I nodded, he’d rustled up spaghetti bolognaise. Kissing me as he dished up, we went and sat in the living room, sticking some TV on whilst we dug into our food.

“This tastes amazing!!” I said, my mouth half full. Louis laughed, licking my face where I’d gotten sauce.

“I can see that, it’s all over you.” I stuck my tongue out nudging him. Smiling to myself at how we just click, like two puzzle pieces. I never wanted this to end and something in my gut told me it wouldn’t.

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