Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


6. Six

I woke up hearing the sound of the shower, I’d stayed at Liam’s last night and we hadn’t really gotten a lot of sleep. Just looking at him made me weak at the knees. Looking around the room, I was searching for something to put over me so I wasn’t walking around naked. Just as I was about to grab one of Liam’s tees, he appeared from the bathroom in just a towel. “Morning babe!” He said smiling, climbing onto the bed next to me.

“Heyy gorgeous.” I said smiling, holding the quilt over my bare chest.

“Awww babe don’t be shy.” He said winking, leaning over to kiss me passionately.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, the quilt slipped leaving me exposed, I felt his hands start to roam over my hips, tummy and breasts. A moan escaped my lips as our tongues wrestled, my body tingling at his touch. We stopped kissing for a split second, he looked deep into my eyes. “You are absolutely beautiful.” I smiled, feeling myself blush.

He leaned down kissing me again, this time more tenderly, I pulled at his towel, he smiled into our kiss as I wrestled with it. His lips left my mouth, went along my jaw bone and to my neck. He knew that was my weak spot, made me whimper in pure ecstasy.

He kissed me on the lips softly as he climbed on top of me, this time felt different. It wasn’t just because we found each other attractive, it was beyond physical. We weren’t just having sex, we were making love. He slowed down the pace, kissing me softly. “I love you Sof.”

I let out a little moan of satisfaction, stretching my neck to kiss him. “I love you too Liam.” Kissing him again as we carried on love making.


“You look gorgeous!” I said to Kasey as she appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing black skinnys and an orange bat wing top, paired with orange pumps. Her hair was down and wavy. Just amazing. “Hope you’re hungry.” I said smiling, kissing her softly on the lips. “We’re going for Chinese food.” She smiled, I knew that was her fave food.

At the restaurant we sat close to each other, kissing every so often and whispering sweet nothings in each others’ ear. Kasey ordered chicken rice with broccoli and crunchy green peas, I had spare ribs and egg fried rice. “That was so good Loulove.” She said smiling, licking her lips and kissing me softly. Before I had the chance to reply, I felt her hand move close to my groin, she gave it a playful squeeze, sending shivers running through me. “How about we get outta here?” She whispered seductively. I didn’t need asking twice, I paid the cheque and grabbed her hand, taking her out of the restaurant and back home.

We practically fell into the house, our hands all over each other. Our lips locked together hungrily. The tug in my groin was getting worse, I breathed deeply as she tugged at my shirt, practically ripping it off, wincing slightly as her cold fingertips grazed the top of my jeans. A moan escaped my lips, causing her to giggle. “Enjoying that?” I smiled, she knew the answer, she was teasing.

“My turn.” I whispered, grabbing the bottom of her top and pulling it over her head, kissing her as I ran my fingers over her perfect body, reaching behind to unclasp her bra, letting it fall to the floor. My hands wondered down to her jeans, pulling them down as quickly as I could.

We were both so turned on, there was no time to go to bed. I lifted her up, her legs wrapping around me as our bodies joined, both of us letting moans escape our lips in between kisses, her hands roamed over my body as I used my own to hold her against me. There in the hall up against the wall we carried on making love, not caring if anyone could hear us.

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