Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


17. Seventeen

I kissed Sofie softly on the forehead not wanting to wake her, I snuck out of our room and out the house. I was off to the supermarket to grab some munchies, and something for breakfast. Wanted to surprise her. The band were going away in a matter of days and I didn’t want Sofie to have it on her mind, we were only going away for a few months but it was long enough. None of the girls like when we left, Sof was always the worst though and I think it’s purely because we’d been together the least amount of time. This time had been the longest I’ll be away though and I wasn’t liking it either.

I remembered when we went on our first tour as a group, Nat hadn’t been with Niall for long at all and both of them were a wreck, it took us ages to get Niall back to his normal self. I didn’t wanna be like that, I hoped knowing it was only a few months would make the pain a little easier.

Sneaking back into the house, I was happy to see Sof was still asleep. Popping all the groceries away, I set to getting breakfast ready. I opted for the classic bacon sarnie, paired with tea and a glass of oj. Not much, but I’m sure Sof will appreciate the thought. It was the least I could do, she was so caring and nurturing. She put everyone before herself.

Whistling away, I placed everything neatly on a tray, carrying it carefully up the stairs. Opening our bedroom door, she was just waking up. “Morning babe! I made you breakfast.” I said smiling.

“Aww Liam you shouldn’t have. What’s this in aid of?” She asked, smiling at what the tray had on it.

“Nothing, I just felt like treating my girl to breakfast in bed.”

“I am one lucky woman!” She replied, taking a bite of her sandwich. I kissed her temple.

“Nu-uh babe. I’m the lucky one. Shall we snuggle up and watch some movies today?”

“That sounds good!”

“Well since you’ve finished your brekkie, why don’t you freshen up and I’ll get everything sorted downstairs.”

“Okay.” I got up to leave. “Oh Liam.” I turned to face her. “I love you.”

I laughed slightly, her sweetness still surprises me even now. “I love you too!”


I snuggled into Liam’s chest as we adjusted ourselves to watch ‘Transformers’. I wasn’t a massive fan of action normally, but Liam had got me massively into these movies, I absolutely loved ‘Bumble Bee’! I was hugging him a lot more and a lot tighter than usual, he wasn’t complaining because I think he knew why...

I was never a clingy girlfriend who needed her guy next to her every minute of every day, but there’s a difference in having space from each other and them being away for months where you can’t see them at all. It was the first time he’d been away from me for more than a few days. I honestly had no idea how I’d cope. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him because I did, but for four months would I be able to handle the rumours that surface? The barely speaking to him, not getting his hugs or his kisses. There was just so much and I didn’t know if I was strong enough to brush it off like it was nothing. All these thoughts caused my eyes to fill with tears, I sniffled hoping Liam would believe it was just a runny nose, but he’s not stupid.

“Sof, babe, what’s wrong?” He asked, pausing the moving, his voice full of concern.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about well...y’know...”

He wrapped his arms around me tightly, kissing my hair. “Everything’s gonna be okay.” Pulling away he looked me straight in the eye. “I promise you I will talk to you every day, even if it’s for a quick hello. I will not let this tour break us up. I love you too much. I think were strong enough to get through it, and I know it’s gonna be tough but I’m ready for the fight because the prize is totally worth it.” He leaned down kissing me softly.

“I know Liam... it’s just hard.”

“I know babe, but let’s not think about it right now. We still have three days.” I nodded, laying my head on his chest and getting back into the movie, blocking all doubts of the next four months out of my mind.

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