Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


4. Four

Landing back on home soil, it felt good to be home. I knew Sofie was meeting me at the airport and I’d missed her so much! The past six months had been the best ever, I’m happy I told myself to go into her shop; otherwise I might never have laid eyes on her. When we first formed, we all thought Niall was kinda stupid for sticking with Nat, especially when you had every single woman throwing themselves at you, you could have anyone...

But now I had Sof, I realised just how great it is knowing you have that someone, someone you can just be you with and not have to be posing or answering awkward questions. People say you wear a mask in front of cameras and they ain’t far wrong, you fake a smile and try to laugh off certain comments. One thing I don’t fake though, is the relationship I have with the guys, they’re my best friends. Now where is Sof?!


Standing with Nat and Kasey, my heart was beating ten to the dozen. Liam would be here soon, and I couldn’t wait to see him. The past three days had been horrible, hated when we were apart. Us three always spent loadsa time together when the boys were away, think it made us all feel like they were closer. I’ll never forget the day I first saw Liam, his eyes and smile were just amazing; they gave me butterflies, and when he came over to ask me something, think my cheeks were redder than the shirt he was holding. I somehow managed to keep my cool and be professional, and here we are a few months later, so in love and aching to be in each others’ arms all the time. Seeing him come out of arrivals with the guys, I desperately wanted to run over to him but knew it would be to no avail, since there were hoards of fans waiting for them. I’d have to wait longer than I wanted to; I knew it’d be worth it.

Security came over telling us the guys would be with us shortly, shortly had best mean in a few minutes. “Liam!!!” I pretty much screamed as I noticed him coming over, I ran to meet him, pretty much jumping on him.

“Awww Sof I have missed you so much!” Before he could say anything else, I pulled him down so his lips met mine, the electric shocks ran through me like they always do every time we touched.

“I’ve missed you so much more!” I whispered as we pulled away for a split second, not caring about the world around us.


I smiled again and again as fans took picture after picture. I’d noticed Kasey’s million dollar smile when we first came out of arrivals, and wanted just to run over to her. The first night I’d laid eyes on her, I was hypnotised. Her gorgeous eyes and long hair made her look amazing. She was quite shy when I first approached her, and I found that massively attractive, made me want her more. Although, because of how great a person she is, I’d have been grateful just to have her as a friend. Her being my girlfriend is a bonus. I’d always thought Niall was silly for being tied down, I now see we were the silly ones. It’s nice to have someone you can be normal with. Just wanna get through the fans so I can see her properly, tell her how much I’ve missed her, how much I love her, hug her and most importantly... kiss her.


Louis waved at me when he’d managed to get through the fans, I waved back shyly. I wasn’t one for screaming in an airport and running over to him like Sof did Liam, she was way more confident than me when it came to things like that. He finally got to me and dropped his case, his strong arms wrapping around me, I reciprocated, closing my eyes and taking in the scent on his familiar after shave. Felt good knowing he was back home. “Heyy Penguin.” He said smiling down at me.

“Heyy you!” I replied smiling back. He leaned down, kissing me passionately. I felt my cheeks burn, I was blushing. It felt like there were loadsa eyes on me.

“I’ve missed you!” He whispered in my ear, it sent shivers down my spine.

“I’ve missed you too!” I whispered back. I held him tight, just wanting to go home and shut the world out then he’s not Louis from 1D, the biggest band in the world, he’s just Louis, my Louis.


Niall was trudging behind everyone else, he was all for the fans, which I thought was awesome. He didn’t take his fame for granted, unlike Harry. I know he’d had had a few nights with fans, I’d seen him take them home, them all hopeful that he likes them when he doesn’t, he’s just getting his kicks. He should know better really, but being a guy who can have whoever he wants, he’s gonna take every opportunity he can get. It’d be nice for him to find someone who’s able to ground him.

I smiled; Niall had noticed me waiting and was grinning like the Cheshire cat, his blue eyes twinkling, like they always do. He was so cute! I started walking to meet him half way; he stopped and held his arms out. I laughed slightly, picking up the pace so I’d get to him quicker. I wrapped my arms around his waist; he wrapped his around me tightly. We didn’t even say anything, just stood there for what seemed like an age, both happy to be in each other’s arms again.

“Nuke, I’ve missed you so much! I’m glad you had the time off work to come and meet me!” He whispered as we pulled away slightly.

I smiled. “As if I’d miss my boyfriend coming home.”

He laughed slightly. “That’s true!” He took my hand, kissing me lightly. “Let’s go home.” He said with a wink.

I’d never missed him arriving home, my work as a teaching assistant meant I could be a little flexible with my hours and the school where I worked were really understanding. The class knew my boyfriend was Niall from 1D and loved me even more. 

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