Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


11. Eleven

“Liam you got the beer?” I shouted downstairs as I made my way down. We were going to Niall and Nat’s tonight. Movie night round theirs, pizza and beer, maybe wine for us ladies. It had a been a weird week for Nat and Niall had decided she could use her friends round her so we came up with this idea. Her sister Nikky was around too, been a while since I’d seen her so is gonna be great to catch up with her! “Gorgeous as always baby!” Liam said smiling as he came out of the kitchen clutching the six pack.

“Oh stop it! I’m not dressed fancy or anything.” I replied smiling.

“Doesn’t matter... still gorgeous.” He replied, kissing me softly on the lips.

“Aww you’re too sweet! I love you.”

“I love you too! We’d best go, otherwise were gonna be late.” I nodded, taking his hand. It was only about 15 minutes away on foot and since we were gonna be drinking, we thought it best to walk.

Liam just walked in when we got there, they had this understanding. “Heyy people!” He shouted. Niall appeared from the kitchen clutching two glasses of wine and two bottles of beer.

“Heyy come in! I’ll go grab you a drink in a sec.” We followed Niall and saw Nat sitting next to her sister who was sat next to Zayn,

“Heyy Sof! Heyy Liam!” Nat smiled, getting up to give us a hug.

“Heyy you three!” I said smiling. Nikky got up giving me a hug and a kiss, Zayn did the same. We all sat down on the huge sofa. They’d brought separates meaning they could make this huge corner unit. It was so big, they wouldn’t even take up half of it if they were both on her own. Wasn’t half comfy though.


“Lacey you alright?” My cousin was lagging behind us. She seemed nervous, she’d never hung out with all of us before and I knew she had a huge crush on Harry. She nodded and hurried to catch up with me and Louis.

“Harry is gonna love her!” Louis whispered in my ear, I glanced over at Lacey smiling. I knew Louis was right, Harry had seen pictures of her before and had said how pretty she was. And the fact we were gonna be watching movies tonight gave me pictures of them snuggling up together, her using him as a shield if something scary came on.

Louis kissed my forehead as we neared Niall’s place. “Heyy guys! Wait up!” We heard a voice behind us say. It was Harry.

“Alright Dude! This is Kasey’s cousin Lacey.” I watched his gaze land on her and his eyes lit up.

“Hey nice to meet you. I’m Harry.” He smiled holding out his hand. Lacey was blushing, I squeezed Louis’ hand, excited at what might come of it.

“Nice to meet you Harry.” She replied shyly, shaking his hand.

We got to Niall’s and just walked straight in. Everyone else had arrived. “Sorry we’re late.” I said as we went into the living room.

Nat stood up, hugging us all. “You’re not late! Make yourselves comfy.”

“What can I get you to drink?” Niall asked us, imitating a posh accent. We laughed slightly, telling them what we wanted. Taking our seats next to Sof and Liam.


Everyone was busy chattering so I went to see Niall in the kitchen. “Heyy what ya doing?” I said smiling at the door way.

“Just making sure all the drinks are chilled.” He came over and kissed me softly. “Shall we tell them? Or rather ask them?” He said smiling. I nodded taking his hand, making our way into the living room. We smiled at each other, watching all our friends have a laugh. “Erm guys me and Nat would like to ask you all something.”

The whole room fell silent, eyes were on us. “Well as you know, me and Niall are planning on getting married.” I looked at Niall smiling. “And well Nikky, I’d love it if you’d be my maid of honour and girls, I want you all to be my bridesmaids.” They all squealed, I presumed it was a yes from all of them. And nodded to Niall.

“Guys... Greg is gonna be my best man and well, I want you all be groomsman.” They all cheered, Niall wrapped his arms around me, kissing my forehead.

“I think it’s movie time!” Louis said excitedly.

“I’m voting for ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’!” Liam shouted. No one argued so we agreed it’d be that we’d watch. Sitting next to Niall, I snuggled up next to him. Glancing over to see Zayn’s arm around my sister, smiling to myself, I knew they’d hit it off. It was a nice change, having everyone around and it not being for a big awards bash.


I locked the door as the last of our guests left. It was getting on for 3am but it had been a wicked night! We didn’t get through a lot of movies, we just sat there chatting and laughing. The newspaper article hadn’t even come up, which was what I wanted to happen. It was an event we both needed to get out of our minds. I turned to find Nat in the doorway of the living room. “Thank you Nini.”

I smiled. “For what?” I placed my arm around her leading her up to our room.

“Tonight. I know you organised it to take my mind off of... stuff.”

I kissed her forehead. “Nothing that you didn’t deserve.” She looked at me smiling. “Don’t start thinking about it though, not now we’re alone.”

She shook her head as we entered our bedroom. I kissed her softly, before heading to the bathroom. I wasn’t gonna be long, and Nat will have the little routine to do, so it made more sense for me to go first. “Bathroom is all yours babe.” I said smiling, she kissed me on the cheek, playfully squeezing my bum as she walked past me. I laughed to myself as I stripped down to my boxers, climbing into bed, waiting for Nat to get back.

She was quicker than I expected. “Ahhh all done!” She whispered, sighing slightly. As she started to undress, I felt the familiar tightening in my boxers, she was wearing a lacy red bra and shorts. I had such a weakness for red underwear in general, don’t know why, but Nat wearing it was just too much to handle.

She turned so her back was to me as she brushed her hair, moving slightly, I crept up behind her, placing my hands on her hips, kissing her neck softly, nibbling ever so often. A moan escaped her lips, I smiled still kissing her neck as she tilted her head, giving me more access, I moved my hands so my arms were wrapped around her, my fingertips ever so close to the waistband of her shorts. She turned to face me, looking into my eyes. “I thought you were tired.” She said smiling.

I smiled slightly, reaching round to unhook her bra, kissing the top of it as I slid it off. “I was... but you in this woke me up.” I pulled her down on top of me, back onto our bed. Our lips locked together full of passion, our tongues wrestling, my hands moved over her body, teasing the most sensitive areas. I playfully squeezed her bum as I flipped her over so she was on her back, making her giggle slightly. I knelt next to her, pulling her shorts off, throwing them across the room. “You definitely don’t need them anymore.” I whispered smiling.

“Niall, no fair! I’m naked and you’re not!” She faked a pout, making me laugh. I stood up, dropping my boxers to the floor, my excitement even more evident to her. “Mmm come here.” She whispered, biting her bottom lip, her voice full of passion and want.

I didn’t need telling twice, climbing on top of her, smiling as we connected. I kissed her roughly, her moans sending vibrations running through me. I held onto her tight as we made love, her repeated moans made me more determined to keep satisfying her. I could feel myself nearing the edge, Nat’s moans were telling me she was near too. I picked up the pace, locking my lips with hers, our tongues wrestling as fast as anything, willing us both to give in.

I collapsed next to her as we finished, breathless and sweaty from the workout. She lay on my chest, drawing circles on my torso with her finger. As I drifted off to sleep, I felt her finger draw ‘I love you’, smiling, I squeezed her slightly. “I love you too Nat.”

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