Little Things

Another 1D fanfic :) Not too much drama because I hate imagining fighting with the boys. Rated red because of swearing and a little sex too. Comment if you like it :)


18. Eighteen

I woke up relatively early, it was the day I was leaving for the tour. I was all packed, ready to go. I just didn’t wanna leave. Nat was sleeping soundly next to me and she looked angelic. I smiled to myself, thinking how much I’m gonna miss waking up to her pretty face. Least it was only for a few months and not a year like the last tour. And at the end of it, I get to marry her. Couldn’t get much better could it?

I didn’t wanna wake her, but my body wanted different. And since I was leaving today, I couldn’t ignore it. I reached over kissing her neck lightly, my hand grazing her naked breasts, she moved barely opening her eyes, pulling my head to her lips. I groaned, loving how she took control briefly, kissing her lips hungrily, parting her lips with my tongue.

I climbed on top of her, wasting no time in sliding into her, our gasps loud and full of passion. I looked deep into her eyes, the rhythm getting quicker, she pulled me down for a long deep kiss. The heat between our sweaty bodies getting hotter with each second, I bit down onto her neck hard, pushing into her one more time feeling both of us climax.

I climbed off her, breathless. “Good morning beautiful!” I said winking.

She laughed, her hair sweaty and face flushed. “Hello my cute little snowflake.” I smiled, I loved when she called me that.

“I love you so much!” I whispered.

“I love you too.” She whispered back. “Can’t believe you leave today!”

“I know, I’ll skype you every day though, I promise. We have a wedding to plan afterall.” She smiled.

After all this time, she was used to when I go away. The first few times were horrible for both of us. But now, it was like another day at the office. We were strong enough to not let being apart affect our relationship. Another of the many reasons I loved her so much.

Being on tour always goes ridiculously fast too meaning our wedding day would be closer than ever. Every time I closed my eyes recently, I pictured Nat walking down the aisle, I wake up smiling like a Cheshire cat, knowing soon enough it won’t be a dream.


Getting myself out of bed, getting myself ready for the day. I had work soon meaning I wasn’t gonna be around when Niall left. I knew he’d send me a sweet text though which I’d read on my break. I only worked in a clothes shop but I loved it. I loved the variety and it helped me sorta pay my way. Niall always hated when I paid a bill or something though, he wanted the money I earned to be mine for whatever I needed. Although that never worked out like that either, he’d end up buying me it. So because of that, I’d built up a nice little nest egg which I’d decided would be for when we have our first baby... whenever that might be.

I came down in my uniform, saw Niall browsing the internet. “Whatcha looking at?” I asked smiling.

“Suits, tuxes. Trying to get some ideas.” I kissed him on the cheek, smiling.

“We’d better pick colours out first.”

“Green, gotta have green!” I laughed, nodding, knowing by green he meant emerald.

“Hmmm well silver goes nice with it as does pale pink.” He looked at me attentively.

“How are we gonna incorporate all those colours though? I want all three...”

“Grey suits? Emerald green dresses and pale pink flowers?”

He nodded. “You’re too good at all this babe!”

“I’m really not! I have to go now though...” He sprung up picking me up and spinning me round making me laugh.

“I’m gonna miss you!” He whispered, kissing me lovingly.

“I’m gonna miss you too! Travel safe!” Grabbing my coat, I kissed him again softly. “Love you Nialler!”

“Love you too Nuke! Talk later!”

“Oh we will! Bye!” With that I left for work, proud of how strong I’d been. It hadn’t been easy getting to this stage but we’d made it, I knew he’d be in touch all the time, I’ll still feel close to him even though we’re miles apart.

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