Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


6. Sunday

Liam's POV

That morning I was so tired Aria had woke up screaming again but she stopped nearly straight after she started it was probobly because louis was there with her. I dont know why but when they see each other its like happyness has entered the room.but anyway I've been down in the dumps because my mum was in hospital and I was never botherd to find out were she was. "morning mate" Niall said "morning" I replyed. "are you ok?" niall asked looking at me knowing that im thinking of something. "yeah its just...I cant help but notice the way louis and Aria stare at eachother." he started to chuckle. "aww is big payne standing up for little payne" niall said in a baby voice "Niall!" i said angrily but couldent help but laugh. then we herd vomiting. we looked at eachother as if to say oh-no.


Aria's POV

I woke up in the arms of louis feeling sick again he was already awake and must have notice that I didnt feel well. "you ok love you dont look to good?" "no I sec" I got up and ran to the toilet and started vomiting my guts out again. "aww not again" he said in a caring voice wile tying my hair back. after i had finished I put the toilet lid down and sat on it. I started crying "aww its ok love do you know why you feel sick" and befor i could answer there was a nock on the door. I just sat there as louis answerd it. "is aria ok?" i heard Liam ask in a concerend voice. "yeah she's just sick" than I started vomiting again. "you go help her" Niall said winking. "its ok its ok" he said rubbing my back. " do you want another shower maybe that might help again" I nodded. "but umm louis..." I said looking inbarresed "could youmaybe um stay in here just incase I you know faint" i said blushing like a tomatoe. he just laughed "ok love do you want me to get you some clothes?" I nodded and he left to get some clothes. I turned the shower on just as he came back. "um Aria" "yeah" i replyed wondering what he was gonna ask. "do you mind if I have a shower with you?" he said blushing. "yeah I-I guess so"after we undressed and turned around we both and blushed.


Louis's POV

this was so akward I had to do something. so i grabed her hand and draged her into the water. as we stared into eachothers eye we moved closer and closer and closer untill our lips started to move is sink. untill "GUYS I REALLY GOTTA USE THE BATHROOM" "uuuugggghhh Niall!!!" we moaned. "use kerry's bathroom!" I shouted really not wanting to get out the shower. "Fine" he said and walked away "so where were we" i said as we started making out. "louis can you clean my hair...pleeaase" she begged. "fine" as i was rinsing out her hair i asked her "is your hair naturaly this black" "no its actualy dirty blond but i dyed it after my mum died because we had the exact same hair colour." she said shaking at her mums name. We got out the shower and got into our clothes. we went down stairs to find everyone at the kitchen table looking gloomy. "Liam are you ok?" aria said walking up to Liam who was sobbing into his hands. "sh-sh-she's gone" he said stutering. "who's gone?" I asked getting worried. "kerry had a heart attack while in her coma and...didnt survive" Zayn said finally looking up. Liam ran upstairs into is bedroom and sobbed louder. "poor lad" Niall said. Aria was about to go and help him when we stopped her. "dont go up there he needs time to himself." I said putting a hand on her sholder. then we heard a bloodcurdling screem. "maybe we should go up there" I said running up the stairs. "Liam mate are you ok" Niall said banging at the door. there was no reply. "LIAM open this door right know" Aria said pulling at the handle.""guys watchout" harry said running into  the door knonking it over. Liam was laying on the floor with blood spilling out of his rist. "LIAM!!!" aria screamed. while Niall called an ambulince Zayn performed CPR and aria cryed into my chest. "its gonna be ok love its gonna be ok" i said as a tear rolled dowm my cheek.


Aria's POV

After the ambulince took Liam away we all sat on the couch. I was crying into Louis's chest. "louis" i said trying to stop crying. "yes love?" he answered in a concerend voice. "c-c-can we go see Liam in te hospital" . we all pialed into louis's van harry drove zayn was in the passinger seat i was in the middle with Niall and louis by my sides. as soon as we pulled up at the hospital i climed over louis and sprinted inside straight to the front desk "what can i do for you ma'am?" the lady asked with a sweet voice. "Im looking for Liam payne" i said abit quickly. just then the boys came in. "he's in room 165" we walked down the coridor "room 159...161...163...165 there it is" we walked in and he smiled weakly. "hi guys" he said quietly. "oh my god liam are you ok?" i asked concerned. "yeah just fine" he had11 stiches in his wrist. just then the doctor came in. "you guys are going to have to leave because we need to run some tests but you can come back in the morning" he said as is asistant came in. "im not leaving" i said sturnly. "come on love lets go home and watch a movie" Louis said trying to pursway me to go. i just shook my head. "ok then you asked for it" he said chucking me over his sholder. " at least let me say goodbye to Liam...goodbye liam i'll see you in the morning" i said kissing his four head. louis grabbed my hand as we walked to the car. the car ride was silent no one dared to say anything.

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