Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


4. Sleepover with my boys

Liam's POV

After an hour of shopping we went home. "god I'm tired" Aria moaned as we walked through the door. "come on love lets go put these stuff away and maybe we can invite the boys round" i said. we put the clothes away "1 sec love I'll invite the boys over" "ok Liam I'm gonna get changed into something more comfy" I walked down stares and called Niall. "hey mate whats up?" i heard a Irish ascent after the third ring "Nothing just though I would invite the boys over for dinner" i said replying to his question. "ok i'll call Zayn and Harry and you call louis...oh and tell him to pick us up." Niall replied. "ok mate see you in 30" I said hanging up the phone. "so are they coming round Liam?" Aria said walking down the stairs in sweat pants and singlet. I must have been staring to long cause she was waving her hand in front of my face saint "hello? Earth to Liam" "oh sorry gust lost in thought. Um i gotta phone louis and tell him to pick the boys up." just then i got a text from Niall asking they could stay the night because it was a friday. i replied saying 'yeah shore but if you hear screaming in the night don't be alarmed i'll explain when you get here' " Aria you don't mind if they stay the night do you?" "no not at all it would be fun" she replied with an adorable smile. i called louis and he said they would be here in around 10 minutes. the next thing i know the doorbell rang. "I'll get it" aria said getting up from the couch.


 Aria's POV

"I'll get it" I told Liam getting up from the couch. "hi Ria" everyone said in chorus. "hi guys come in" they came in and we all sat on the couch. "so what should we do?" Harry said braking the silence "oh Liam you were gonna explain something to us?" Niall said. "oh Aria can i tell them about umm how could i put this?" "my dad and stuff yeah tell them but there not to tell anyone you hear me" they all nodded. as Liam explained the hole situation to then all the memories came rushing back with him what he did to me Kane he ruined my life. i felt tears slowly dripping down my face. louis put an arm around me and said "it's ok love we wont tell anyone" i looked at everyone they all had tears in there eyes. "well in that case i should tell you about Kane." as soon as i said his name all the memories came right back as if it had been pored on my head."when i was 11 i had heaps of friends they were so nice. they were there for me and then one day my crush, Kane asked me out I said yes but that was the worst mistake of my life. after a wile he shaped he would torcherd me he would say to my family he was taking me on holiday but he was actually taking me away from my family for ever. when we were at the airport I said i was going to the toilet but i was actually gonna run away but he saw me leave the airport he ought up to me and when no one was looking he stabbed me in the stomach." i pulled my shirt up and showed them the scare. by then i was in tears. "he said he was gonna come after me later he ran just as someone came round the corner and thats when i blacked out. i woke up in the hospital a year later and then a month after my mum died." by then i was in tears everyone had tears streaming  down there faces. louis put an arm around me as i cried into his chest. "oh my god we didn't know it was that bad" Zayn said almost in tears.

After everyone had calmed down i asked every one what they wanted to do "truth or dare!!!" louis screamed. "ok i'll go get a bottle" Liam said going to the kitchen. Niall moved the table out the way and we sat in a circle on the floor it went me, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and louis. i span the bottle the head landed on harry and the bottom landed on Zayn. "truth or dare?" harry asked Zayn "hmm...Dare" zayn said then there was a chorus of people saying  that that wasn't a good idea. "i dare you to jump in the pool" harry said with an evil smirk on his face. "that doesn't sound so hard" i said "i is when you cant swim" Niall said giggling "aww cant our zayny wayny swim" i said pinching his checks. everyone started laughing. "no" he replied blushing. Liam went to get his bathers on as well just incase Zayn drowned.

i put my hair into a messy bun just as Zayn jumped into the pool. "I'm actually gonna go in the pool considering i haven't swum since you no what" every one else agreed. i wasn't scared they might see my scar since they already have seen it. I put my bright blue bikini's on i loved these bikinis because ether brought out the colour of my eyes. I grabbed six towels before i went out. i looked in the mirror as i was about to leave the bathroom and saw all the other scars that i had from my daad wiping me. i shuck the thought out o my head and went outside. i put the towels down and then louis ran up behind me and carried me into the pool everyone started laughing. "i swear louis tomolinson i will drown you" i said putting my finger in his face like any parent would "yes mum" he replied witch made everyone laugh ever harder. "a... little help.... here" zayn said almost drowning. "aww i'll teach zayny wayny ho to swim" i said in a baby voice "ok kick your legs like this and move your arms like this" i said teaching him how to do doggy paddle. "thats it you're doing it" i said. "hey guys look I'm swimming" Zayn said exitedly. after mucking around in the pool for an hour we got out and got changed.



Louis' POV

"Ri Ri I'm hungry!" Niall moaned to Aria "Ri Ri?" she questioned. "well you and Li Li live together so your practical bro and sis so you needed a name like Li Li so Ri Ri...Did i mention I'm hungry." Niall said. "Fine i'll go order a pizza what do you want on it?" "can you get meanlovers?" "yeah i'll go order" she said leaving the room. we could hear everything she said on the phone. "hi i would like to order three large meatlovers pizza's please...ok thanks bye" as she walked in the room Niall yelled "you ordered three LARGE pizzas!!!" she just laughed. "you guys should so your faces and yes i got three large pizzas for six people" she said trying to breath from laughter. "Li Li can we watch paranormal activity?" I said."ok I don't know why we can't". We put the movie on "wait lets wait for the pizza to arrive first" zany said looking scared out f his skin. "fine" we all said in chorus  then started laughing. When the pizza finally came we all let aria talk two pieces so we wouldn't eat them all. Niall had 5 pieces and everyone else had three. We sat on the couch to watch the movie i was sitting next to Aria on the double sofa. At the most scariest bit she hid into my chest and said."tell me when its over" barely above  whisper. "ok its over love" i said whispering into her ear. Then we put click on but half way through she all fell asleep.

"You buys I'm gonna go put Aria in the spare room" i whispered so I wouldn't wake her up. They nodded and continued to watch the movie. I put her down in her bed and pulled the covers over her. "goodnight...Lou" she whispered in my ear as i kiss her four head. "goodnight Ria" i said as i left the room. i walked down the stairs and into the theatre room "guys aria said goodnight" i said as i walked in. "well i don't know about you but I'm going to bed" Li said getting up after the movie. we all agreed and went to bed.



Liam's POV


I was woken up by screaming a second time. by the time I got there so had the other boys. We walked in one pillow was on one side of the room and the other pillow was on the other side with the blanket  on the floor at the end of the bed. "oh no not again" I said waking over to her side she was tossing and turning. "Aria love wake up" i said and she woke up. "was it the same dream?" Niall asked coming closer. she shook her head. she had tears streaming down her face. "my past is haunting me" she said curling up into a ball. "its ok love we will get through this together...all of us" Zayn said putting an arm around her. we all ended up sleeping in the theatre room we brought my mattress and arias mattress down from our rooms and blew up the spare one.



Sorry for the crapy chapter but it was all I could think of and i would like to make a shout out SHOUT OUT!!! to my two fans love you my little carrot cakes- Dory<3


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