Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


1. Run

Hi im Aria I'll tell you about myself first I've got long black hair with bright blue eyes and I'm from England, i have no friends i get bullied and my dad hates me my mum died when i was 13 and my dad well all i can say is i hate him.


"Aria were the hell are you?!" yes thats my dad anyway..."im in my room" "well get me a beer" he declared and yes i have to do every thing. after i got my lazy dad a beer I thought to my self 'i gotta get out of here ill go pack a bag ill leave in the midle of the night' yes i was stupid i didnt think he would come after me. i packed three sets of clothes and got some food "light out Aria" i lay in bed and as soon as i heard my dad snoring that was my chance i crawled through my window, i didnt want to be cought did i? but as i was climing down i heard my dad yelling "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, YOU LITTLE BRAT" i climed down and made a run for it. i got to a park and sat down the next thing i know i feel asleep.


Liams pov.

"mum ill be back im going for a walk" i yelled as i reached the front door. "ok but be back by 11:30" i started to walk to a local park i walked aroud untill i saw a girl sleeping on the grass. she had long black hair she was so beautiful i tried to wake her up. her eyes opend slowly they were a beautiful bright blue. the next thing i know she jumped up and backed away slowly."its ok im not gonna hurt you" oh my god that was so cheezy "my names liam whats yours love?" "i-i-im a-aria" she stuterd "what are you doing out here sleeping at 11 at night" i sais while look at my phone."i-its a long story and i dont wanna talk about it" "ok well i should probobly be getting home and so should you" "but but i-i dont have anywere to go!!!" then she started balling.i gave her a hug and she way freezing "oh my god you are freezing!" i took off my jacket and gave it to her she just gave it back and said "its fine im not cold" i put it round her again and said "c'mon you can sleep at my house' i said putting an arm around her. "i dont wanna be a bother though"she said while looking around as if someone was gonna kill her "trust me you wont be and anyway my mum always wanted another girl aroud' "fine but im out of there as soon as im bothering someone" she said in a shaky tone. i put my arm aroud her and started to walk home.


Arias pov.

i woke up to a pare of chocolate browen eyes staring into mine. at first i thought it was my dad but then i realised it wasnt.i started to back away slowly "its ok im not gonna hurt you" said his soft british voice "my name is liam whats yours love?" "i-i-im a-aria" for some reason i felt safe around him. "what are you doing out here sleeping at 11 at night?" i didnt want to tell him so i said "i-its a long story and i dont wanna talk about it" "ok well i should probobly get home and so should you" as he was about to leave i quickly blured out "but but i-i dont have anywere to go!!!"i just started to brake down and suprizingly he came and gave me a hug i was shoked but i felt safe "oh my god your freezing!" and then he put his jacket around me. at first i refused but i let him after he insisted."c'mon you can sleep at my house its fine" i was pleased at the offer but i didnt wanna be a bother "but  dont wanna be a bother" i said shaking "its fine my mum always wanted another girl around the house"he said as if he was begging"fine but im out of there as soon as im bothering someone" with that he took me to his house.


liams pov.

"mum were are you?" i shouted through the hall. "im in the living room" she shouted. when we got to the living room my mum looked at aria confused. "who's your friend?" "mum this is aria, aria this is my mum, kerry" "hello aria" "h-h-hi k-kerry" she said shaking "um mum can aria stay here for a bit she um?" i said looking at her"i-i got lost and i-i-i" "dont worry deer you can stay here as long as you want" she said cutting of aria "ok mum im gonna show aria to her room goodnight mum" "ok good night aria goodnight liam". as we got to the spare room i said "see no biggy" "ok"she replyed "so are you gonna tell me what realy happend?" i asked then she went pale."umm well my mum died when i was 13 then i got bullied at school and still do and my dad hated me and was so mean so i ran away from home and dont tell anyone not even kerry" by then she was in tears i sat beside he and gave her a hug. "oh my god i didnt know that" she was shaking and i could tell she was tired. "maybe you should get some sleep and ill see you in the morning" i said "um liam i kinda dont have any P.Js" she said blushing. "ok one sec" i when into my room and got her a T-shirt and trackys "here wear thies and we will get you some P.Js ok?" "ok goodnight liam" "goodnight aria" i kissed her on the head and left the room.


Arias pov.

oh my god he kissed me! i think i might be falling for him! anyways as if he likes me. i got changed and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow god was i tired.



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