Love on top

Hi guys this is my first fan-fic so please no hate cause haters gonna hate. Anyway getting onto the point: Aria apears to be an ordanary girl but actualy her dad hated her ever since her mum died when she was 13. One night she tries to escape she runs to a local park and she bumps into this guy anyway i wont tell you the rest other wise I'll spoil it but hope enjoy


2. Nightmare

Arias pov


*nightmare*(warning contains swearing and sexual abuse) I woke up tied to a bed the room was dark but i could just make out everything that i realised this was the room that my mum and dad slept in befor she died "Aria Aria...Aria" I heard a faint female voice calling my name "Its your fault that im not here today" then it hit me my mum was calling me "only if you didnt push me off that cliff" she went on. Than it hit me I remember going to the beach and me and mum were climbing up a masive hill and I beat her I started dancing around and I bumped my mum she fill off and her last words were 'remeber I'll always love you'. sudernly my dad bursted through the door with a knife in his hands. he threw the knife at the wall and said "I'll make you wish you were never born". then he came closer and closer and closer I tried to sceam but he but his hand over my mouth "shut up you little brat!" I did cause I knew how stroy he was he raped me and then gabed the knife and stabed me in the foot whitch left the scar that I have today then he left as the life daind out of me. and with the energy I had left I sceamed as loud as I could. the next thing I knew I was woken up by liam.


Liams pov

I woke up in the midle of the night to screaming coming from Arias room I got up and run to her room. She was laying in a bed of swet screaming. I turned the light on and woke her up. "Are you alright love?" i asked and then she curled up into a ball and cried "I-i-its m-m-my folt s-shes not here tod-day" she sobed. I put an arm around her and she criend into my chest "who's not here?" I asked "m-my m-mum" she forced out. I held her in my arms and told her its gonna be ok. After she calmed down i asked her "what happend?". "well... three years ago we were going to the beach and me and my mum were racing each othere up this big hill and" she started to cry again. "and i beat her so I started dancing around and i bumped her and she fell off the cliff on the other side of the hill and her last words were 'I will always love you'" then she started balling. I pulled her close and said "its ok its is that what the dream was about?" I questiond. she shook her head "no it was about when my dad r-r-raped me and then cut me in the ankle" She showed me the scar. I was Horrerfide by that "you should proboble go back to sleep love" I said. As I was about to leave she aria said "ugh umm liam" she said with an embarrised expresion on her face "yes love?" "umm do you mind staying here with me I dont wanna be alone" i was actualy thrilled with the question I think i might be falling for her "no I dont mind" "thank you liam your the best friend ive ever had" she said "and only" she mumble hoping i wouldent hear that. I thought I'd leave it till morning. "do you wanna sleep in my room or in here?" "umm can we sleep in your room?" "of cource we can". with that i took her hand and brought her to my room. "good night liam and thanks for everything" "no problem Aria anything for you goodnight" and the house was silent till morning.


Authers Note:

Sorry for the short chapter I didnt know what to write. Anyways hope you enjoy it X





















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